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What is an Online Condolence Book ?

An Online Condolence Book or Online Book of Condolence is a webpage on which relatives, friends and colleagues may record their condolences after the death of a family member or after a great tragedy affects the wider community. They may also be referred to as Online Remembrance Books or Online Memory Books.

Traditionally condolence books are usually provided during  a funeral for mourners to leave their messages or maybe placed in public places for members of the general public to use. When closed, the books are usually given to the relatives of the deceased or archived. Reviewing a condolence book may help grieving relatives come to terms with the reality of their loss.

Digital or Online Condolence Books can now be placed on the Internet so people may write their thoughts on-line.

Our Online Condolence Books can be viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop devices and are a modern alternative to a printed book.

Messages of condolence can be added using either of the following four methods textual, audio, video or handwritten and photoed.

It is not necessary to create an account at Remembrance Book to leave a message.

Messages can also include photos or videos uploaded with the message.

Creating an Online Condolence Book requires the owner of the book to register and create an account with Remembrance Book  (this is free).

An Online Condolence Book can be edited and changed at any time only by the registered owner. Editing by anyone other than the registered owner is not allowed.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic our Online Condolence Books can be useful as a safe socially distanced way to collect memories and condolences from friends, colleagues and family worldwide.

Once an Online Condolence Book is complete it can optionally be ordered as a hardcopy printed book.

See below for the list of features of our Online Condolence Books.

For further information on Condolence Books please see more info…

To get started and create an Online Condolence Book  please click here…


  • Worldwide Access

    Invite friends family and colleagues located anywhere to contribute their comments and memories

  • COVID-19

    A socially distanced method of collecting condolence messages and memories.

  • Long Lasting

    Once created an online Condolence Book becomes a modern long lasting tribute to a loved one.

  • Restricted Editing

    Only the registered owner of a Condolence Book has full control to edit, add or delete its content. Site content is moderated by Remembrance Book.

  • Security

    Remembrance Book protects the security of your data with the latest encryption techniques and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

  • Privacy

    If required a book can be made private so that it will not be publicly visible on the site. Please contact Remembrance Book to find out more.

  • Unique Web Address

    Each Condolence Book has its own web address which you can share with friends and family.

  • Printed Book

    Optionally, for additional cost after all messages have been received a hard copy printed book of the Online Condolence Book may be purchased.

  • Email Support

    Access to free help and support by email.

  • Social Media

    Share your Condolence Book on social media

  • Low Cost

    They are available in various sizes, a 20 message book is free, 40 messages costs £14.99, 80 messages £24.99, 200 messages £39.99, 500 messages £59.99 and our largest book allowing up to 1000 messages costs £99.99.

Our Latest Condolence Messages

Kyle Macdonald

I had Chris as a Coach when I was at motherwell u13s I think he was one of the Coaches that really understood me as a person and as a player. I always remember after...

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David Richardson

I always looked forward to coaching with Chris at Coerver Coaching. You knew you would always get a laugh with Chris being there. I don’t think I ever seen Chris without a smile on his...

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James lawson

Chris was my manager at edu sport academy he always made us work but made the hard work n graft enjoyable. I have never been so happy to wake up at 7am to go to...

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Jean-Guy Lucas

Chris what a guy with his cheerfulness each day. All the time ready to help people who need. Thank you for every single things I could learn with you. I will never forget your smile...

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Tony Bryson

I first met Chris on the UEFA B Licence at Largs in 2015. We got on instantly, he was a funny, endearing man, always up for a laugh and always up for a chat. He...

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Heather Bassett

I knew Carol for many years  and she always had a smile and kind word for everyone and will be missed very much. My condolences to Carol’s family. 

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Hanson newton

Chris was more than just a football coach to me.  he was someone who you could talk to about any problem on your mind. Someone who made hard work enjoyable.  chris always had a positive...

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Mark and Nigel

It is now over 4 months since Ann died. It is still very difficult to comprehend. We miss her so much.

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Rachael Barrett

Absolutely heartbroken to hear about Chris, he was such a lovely guy, such a gent. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris while we temped together at Glasgow Sheriff Court. We did the bare minimum...

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Thank you for the messages throughout lockdown, cuz. I will miss the stories of copious amounts of coffee and candles. I will miss you. 

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Gavin Ross

In the short time I knew Chris I recognised a man who was completely dedicated to the people he was working with and in getting the very best out of them in a football training...

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Roy Campbell

An absolute gent.  Someone who always gave up his own time for other people’s worries and problems, something I personally got to benefit from. I would not have pursued my journey abroad without speaking with...

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Melih Sallabas

The Best coach in the world. Thank you for all the knowledge and all advices you gave me. My condolences to the Divers family. We will miss u BOSS. 

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Online Condolence Books


I met Chris in the summer of 2009 in America. He took me under his wing and was like a big brother always looking out for me! In our group Chris was the cheeky lad...

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Online Condolence Books


Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. A true gentleman, a great person, a brother, amazing guy and a great coach. Miss you bro....

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Brian McAuley

From the first moment I met you I thought this guy is unbelievable, it’s funny how things work we met at uni get on like a house on fire and then that night myself and...

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Julie Snowden

I first met Stuart in the early 1990s when he was beginning his PhD research.  I was part of the Manchester clinical team specialising in early onset dementias.  We had identified and characterised frontotemporal dementia...

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Natalie McAvoy Rafferty

When we first met working together I had no idea we would struck up the friendship that we did, to laughing awkwardly in team meetings when we shouldn’t and being each other’s plus ones to...

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Muhammad Fadzli

This photos summarises my memories of Chris.  I first got to know Chris when he was in Singapore to work with Chelsea FC’s International Development Centre.  Being the affable person that he is, we got...

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Online Condolence Books

Alex McArthur

I first met Chris in 2016 we’re after a chance conversation at work with my son he came to Rutherglen Glencairn 21s to take 2 training sessions after he returned from the far East, Chris...

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It’s a very very sad news to learn that Reinhard has left us away. It was always a pleasure to meet with him at SAI or AEEC meetings and sometimes in other meetings.  He was...

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Jianlin Zhang

Dear Chris, I will never forget your crystal-clear guidance when I phoned Senate House Admission office 24 years ago. Thank you for opening your welcoming arm to me. The University of London programme has completely...

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Deep, you were one of the warmest most welcoming guys I was ever blessed to have been around, I still can’t accept that you are gone. The laughs we shared over the years I will...

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David Boland

I always left your company happier. You made me laugh and feel good about myself. You were so positive and lived life to the full and I always took inspiration from that. I had the...

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Online Condolence Books


Deep, I will never forget the first time I met you, that smile   Of yours would light up any room. Your cheeky banter that would get you into trouble and your stories that could...

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Online Condolence Books

Ross Joyce

Even after all the years that have past I still look back on the Vegas road trip, laugh and retell stories. Was a pleasure knowing you. 

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Online Condolence Books

Vikki Nelson

Our friendship started the way it would go on for a while – in the pub with big laughs and good banter when we were young and daft, then in recent years we matured a...

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Ross Anderson

I was so lucky to know you mate, had the pleasure of working with you for a couple of years and it was never a dull moment. There was always a crossbar challenge for the...

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Online Condolence Books

Ian Millward

Deep,  I can’t put into words how sad I feel, my heart is broken. I’ll never forget you, you pulled me through the hardest  times of my life and gave me friends I will be...

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Ross Urquhart

Thank you for always welcoming me with a smile, a fist bump and a rude, but funny, greeting. You’ve inspired me to travel and pursue my passion both at home and abroad and I’ll be...

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Online Condolence Books

Jamie Lafferty

Shine bright wee man, love today, tomorrow & always Jamie, Fiona & kids xxx

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Hala Fares

Chris is so dear to all of us. I know him for more than 15 years, he has been supportive in all ways, with such a nice and kind spirit. We shall all miss you...

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Marcus Dacre

I worked with Margaret at ONS in the early 2000s before we both made the switch to rail. I enjoyed catching up with her when our paths crossed and looked forward to seeing her at...

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Nigel Hooper

Although our paths crossed at various conferences and scientific meetings over the years, I only really got to know Stuart when I moved to Manchester in 2015. Indeed it was a phone call with Stuart...

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Helene Seljenes Dalum

It was with great sorrow that I learnt about Davids passing. My deepest condolances to family and friends.  I only knew David professionally, but during our brief contact, I must say that I admired his...

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Hayley Spallin

Carol will be sadly missed, her smile her laughter and her funny stories. Carol would bring me in on ‘the bus’ when we were having drinks after work. Always helpful and chatty – just a...

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Carol was the first person I worked with when I joined the Company 30 years ago. She taught me so much, she was such a lovely person and so full of fun. I remember her...

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Clare Robinson

 I will miss our little chats and laughs together Carol. I know that you made such an big impact on a lot of people at GC and I am one of them. When I first...

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Mandy Goodwin

When I first joined the company all those years ago, Carol was friendly and warm from the beginning.  Even though we were on different sections, she made me feel welcome in a new office.  She...

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Jess Over

There are no words to describe the loss that has been suffered, particularly for Cath and the children so I firstly want to send endless love to them. On the contrary to lack of words...

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Chris Markou

Our sincere and deepest condolences for Reinhard’s loss. Reinhard has advocated many technology advancements to the benefit of the whole airline industry. Along with supporting other industry efforts, working with IATA, he was instrumnetal in...

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Kevin Wilson

I’ve known Carol since I started my career in the industry and she always had the ability to talk to anyone about anything. I always felt comfortable in her presence and she would happily take...

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Hannah Fitzpatrick

Margaret was a brilliant friend and colleague, and the world is a more rubbish place without her. She was the best sort of civil servant – fiercely wedded to doing what was right rather than...

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Hervé Boutin

It was with great sadness that I learnt of Stuart’s premature passing. Stuart was a great colleague who I will remember for his friendliness and being always approachable and available for advices or simply an...

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David Brough

Stuart was such a talented scientist and a great colleague and I was deeply saddend to learn of his passing. The world of science, and more specifically dementia research, has lost one of its leading...

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Sarah Staff

Such a lovely lady. I loved having a chat with Little Mrs Stannard when she was in the church shop, and she always used to ask how my Mum was. She will be sadly missed...

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James D’Silva

Our deepest condolences to Reinhards friends and family. We had the pleasure of meeting, hearing and seeing him at the WTT meetings. His expertise, good grace and ability to inspire and influence will be sorely...

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Online Condolence Books


Well, where do I begin. When I found out that Heather passed away I was shocked and devastated. When the news sunk in, I did have a cry, but I immediately imagined Heather saying “For...

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Denis Ryder

My deepest condolences to the family, colleagues and friends of such a kind and lovely character, I am sorry for your sad loss.  Reinhard has made such a massive contribution to the industry and the...

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Gladys was a lovely lady. I knew her through our  love of Cliff Richard. Many times I popped in to the charity shop where she worked,and had some lovely chats with her.

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Jill Butterworth

It was with shock and great sadness that I heard of David’s passing. We met when he was a student and I admired his infectious enthusiasm and self belief, which he always attributed to his...

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Nicolas Zika

I had the pleasure of meeting Reinhard at the 777X WTT meetings. He was a great leader always pushing everyone in the room to be better. He will be greatly missed. My deep condolencese to...

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Maureen Fox

Sweet Gladys always friendly and willng to help, she loved taking part in anything that was happening Hope they will sing the sea mans hymn for her. So proud of her Husband and family RIP ...

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Sue Friend

Loved having a chat when she passed our house. Rest in Peace.

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Anthony Champou

I was lucky enough to be sat next to Michael for many months while I worked in the call centre and I don’t remember a single day he came into work without a smile on...

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I am so sad to hear we have lost David.  I worked in his team at Fort Dodge.  He was so kind and supportive and genuine.  Always busy giving his time, to help others.  A...

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I feel like I should make this no longer than three lines or drop it in to excel and paste it in but there is so much to say about a brilliantly talented colleague who...

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James Leonard

I worked with Brian on Police Powers in the early 2000’s when I was in my early twenties and new to the Home Office. He had an unbelievabale knowledge of the subject area that came...

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Matt Grant

That cover photo really sums Heather up; a beautiful smile with just a little bit of mischief, that night was such a fun night, ending up in karaoke bar with Heather being our one and...

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Iryna Khomenko

I have been honored to know Reinhard and to work with him. A truly great and passionate professional and a wonderful person. Rest In Peace, Reinhard. My deepest sympathies to family and friends.

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