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What is an Online Condolence Book ?

An Online Condolence Book or Online Book of Condolence is a webpage on which relatives, friends and colleagues may record their condolences after the death of a family member or after a great tragedy affects the wider community. They may also be referred to as Online Remembrance Books or Online Memory Books.

Traditionally condolence books are usually provided during  a funeral for mourners to leave their messages or maybe placed in public places for members of the general public to use. When closed, the books are usually given to the relatives of the deceased or archived. Reviewing a condolence book may help grieving relatives come to terms with the reality of their loss.

Digital or Online Condolence Books can now be placed on the Internet so people may write their thoughts on-line.

They can provide an advantage over handwritten books by removing the immediate pressure of composing a message by allowing a contributor to write their message at a time of their own choice. A further advantage over handwritten messages is that a picture may be additionally uploaded with each message. 

Our Online Condolence Books can be viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop devices and are a modern alternative to a printed book.

Messages of condolence can be added using either of the following four methods textual, audio, video or handwritten and photoed.

It is not necessary to create an account at Remembrance Book to leave a message.

Messages can also include photos or videos uploaded with the message.

Creating an Online Condolence Book requires the owner of the book to register and create an account with Remembrance Book  (this is free).

An Online Condolence Book can be edited and changed at any time only by the registered owner. Editing by anyone other than the registered owner is not allowed.

Once an Online Condolence Book is complete it can optionally be ordered as a hardcopy printed book.

See below for the list of features of our Online Condolence Books.

For further information on Condolence Books please see more info…

To get started and create an Online Condolence Book  please click here…


  • Worldwide Access

    Invite friends family and colleagues located anywhere to contribute their comments and memories

  • Thoughtful reflective messages

    Enable the time needed for friends, family and colleagues to compose a fitting condolence message for your loved one.

  • Long Lasting

    Once created an online Condolence Book becomes a modern long lasting tribute to a loved one.

  • Restricted Editing

    Only the registered owner of a Condolence Book has full control to edit, add or delete its content. Site content is moderated by Remembrance Book.

  • Security

    Remembrance Book protects the security of your data with the latest encryption techniques and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

  • Privacy

    If required a book can be made private so that it will not be publicly visible on the site. Please contact Remembrance Book to find out more.

  • Unique Web Address

    Each Condolence Book has its own web address which you can share with friends and family.

  • Printed Book

    Optionally, for additional cost after all messages have been received a hard copy printed book of the Online Condolence Book may be purchased.

  • Email Support

    Access to free help and support by email.

  • Social Media

    Share your Condolence Book on social media

  • Low Cost

    They are available in various sizes, a 20 message book is free, 40 messages costs £14.99, 80 messages £24.99, 200 messages £39.99, 500 messages £59.99 and our largest book allowing up to 1000 messages costs £99.99.

Our Latest Condolence Messages

Heather and Ken

Our thoughts with John and Graeme, and John’s family – and with the circle of friends who will miss Val so much. We have so many memories of Val at Elm Road Baptist Church, of...

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Alexander Cross

Dear Dee,  Such a pleasure to get to know you over the past few years. You approached everybody with equal warmth and could always be relied on to see the funny side. I’ll remember your...

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Liz Archibald

Dear Doreen,  So many memories over our time together in Anchor, some of course not repeatable, but here are a few of my most memorable. Smashed banana sandwiches – i cannot eat one without thinking...

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Julie Bowler

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Debbie.  She was a true professional at her work, delightful to talk to and always ready with a laugh and a smile.  My heartfelt...

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John Abbott

JB I will treasure your sense of humour, experience, expertise and determination to always do the right thing by the railway. Above all I will remember your steadfast friendship. At work at times you could...

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Patience Kabvundura

I recall when I first met you at Anchor in 2005, your bright, warm, and welcoming smile has been hard to forget. I will miss your genuine and kind spirit Auntie Dor! To the family,...

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Kev Hughes

My thoughts are with your family today, Nath was one of the good guys, good memories from when I first joined battalion, even better memories from our battle field tour ! A true gentlemen and...

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Paul Robson

Condolences to all the family. Nath was a top bloke and it was a pleasure to know him. We met in depot  Para back in 1991, one of my favourite memories from that time was...

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My condolences to all of the family. He was an absolute legend and always had time for a wet and a chat. Nath, I enjoyed working with and then for you when I became civdiv....

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christine andrew

To the family of our lovely Doreen. Well Doreen Anchor will not be the same without you, you were the first person to train me when I walked  through the door nine years ago, you...

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Lynne McNee

Andy, it was great working with you over the years.  You were a great suppot and an absolute pleasure to work with.  You will be sadly missed. xx

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Eve Lacroix

Dear Dee, I remember how welcoming you were with me when I first joined Bayes in 2019, seeing you at MBA dinners and parties and at the Shard, swapping dress recommendations and drinks. You will...

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Brian Robinson & Ann-Marie Murphy

Our sincerest condolances to Doreens’ family and friends and all the Anchor family. May your happy memories give you peace and comfort at this sad time. The world has lost a warm hearted, kind lady...

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Denise Whitaker

Working for Melissa has been an absolute pleasure and honor. Over my 30+ years of working, no one has ever made me feel so valued as Melissa. A real selfless, kind human being, who I...

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Oliver Gibbs

This is such sad news.I hadn’t seen Don for many years but have such hugely fond memories of playing cricket with him at Shepherds Bush CC.A man of authority, dry wit, a winning smile, and...

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Neil Clarke

Nath,   What a legend you are, you had a huge impact on all of us in 29 Commando, that we’re lucky enough to have either worked with you or receive training from you. You...

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Claire Molloy

Dee was so kind and helpful, full of energy and always had a smile on her face whenever we met. Such a huge loss to everyone that knew her and deeply missed x

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Anne-Marie Hopcroft

So sad to hear of Debbie’s untimely passing.  Our paths have crossed a number of times throughout my many years at the CAA and she was such an incredible source of information and help over...

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Rose Phahle

Not only was Don my compatriot but also a most reliable friend with whom I closely worked to support lesser known political groups engaged in the struggle to rid South Africa of apartheid. During the...

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Online Condolence Books

Paul Wilson

So sorry to learn this very sad news.  I have known Don for over 40 years, when I lived in London we visited each  other from time to time and even went on holiday together....

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Lorna & Roger Triggs

We would like to send our love and deepest condolences to Doreen’s family at this difficult time.  Doreen was one of the kindest, helpful and loving person we have ever had the pleasure to meet. ...

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Shani Souter

Dear Sarah,  We’ve not spoken for some years, probably 12. We were quite close when we worked together in the noughties and you lived in Luton; you were the first person I’d drive to for...

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TJ and Boys

To Doreens family at this difficult time I send my love and deepest condolences. Doreen was a beautiful, kind and unique soul who filled everyones hearts with love and happiness and made the world a...

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Catherine Baldwin

It was such sad news to hear about Val’s passing. We struck up an online friendship at a family funeral many years ago (either my Aunty Muriel or Uncle Alec Smith…I’m not sure which). We...

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Amy Hall

Melissa you will be missed by so many and I’m sure you had no idea how many people’s lives you touched. I hope the tree/ trees that are bought grow tall and strong xxxx

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Lisa Holden

Although I never had the honour of knowing Doreen for a long time, she made me feel so welcome, offering encouragement and lots of good advice.  Doreen was so kind and thoughtful and a truly...

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Online Condolence Books

linda shephard

Doreen was always my go to person for many things since I joined Anchor in 2013. She was always willing to help me out, nothing was to much for her.    I remember her excitement...

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John March

We are so shocked and saddened by the sad loss of our good friend Don. I met Don in the early 80s when he was my Tutor in Sociology. I loved his lessons and as...

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Tracey McGloin

To Doreen’s family and friends…Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. I never got to meet Dor in person as I started during covid, for that i feel sad as I know I would...

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I worked with Doreen and she was such a special person to everyone who knew her, I will so miss her phone calls and her wonderful Laugh – thinking of all Doreen’s Family at this...

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In loving memory of a very special friend and comrade, affectionately known by Margaret and I as the Chief of Staff. Thank you for the beautiful bond of comradely love we shared over the many...

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Phil and sue Fox

To our dear loved friend John  alanika who we were lucky enough to know and who we miss so much.stay in jehovahs loving care till we meet again. Christian love Phil and Sue Fox  xxxx

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Online Condolence Books

David Polhill

I met John in 2013 when I joined WG48 and John and I were the GB reps. We had many enjoyable trips to various parts of Europe to meet with the wonderful and welcoming members...

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Luke and Lucy Allison

Nath – the Barbour-wearing Para, adopted by 29 Cdo Regt RA and a true friend to us Allisons. The welcome greeting of “alright muckers” and height-ist digs were the daily, weekly, and monthly patter between...

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I remember Doreen from the first days of Anchor Foster Care at Florence and Alistair’s kitchen table in Chatham, and then the basement office. Doreen was ALWAYS so committed, warm and ready to help. She...

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judy whittaker

To Don’s family We are so saddened to hear of Don’s passing. We remember him, as a family, with great fondness. We met him and Margaret in 2005 when our son Rob was playing cricket...

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David Barney

  My sincere condolances to John’s family. I first met John over 40 years ago and have had the pleasure of working closely with him on many occasions since then. I found him to always...

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Dear Jackie and Lesley, sending you both all our love.  When ever there’s cricket it always reminds me of your dad. he has a distinctive and infectious laugh and a winning smile.  He love you both...

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Vivien Wilson

I was very sad to hear of Don’s death. I have not seen him and Margaret recently but we were friends when they lived in Mornington Crescent and we were in Ealing and when they...

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Paul Tyrrell

What a truly wonderful, kind and inspiring woman Doreen was. She will be very much missed by firstly not only her family and friends but the throughout the Anchor fostering family. A very sad day...

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Claudette & Derek DeSouza

We remember Doreen from Day 1 Anchor will not be the same without her it is real sad and we will truly miss her sending love to her family at this difficult time

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Caroline Leslie

Doreen, I cannot believe you are gone. I have often thought of you with fondness over the last few months and often remember conversations we had over TEAMS during my time with Anchor. You were...

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Anne Duncan

Remembering Dawn, a supportive colleague and friend.  Her chat, kindness and zest for life brightened many days in the office and I will always remember her as a good friend.  May she rest in peace. ...

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Miss Hayward was an amazing maths teacher and she helped me so much with maths when I was in year 6. I enjoyed maths because she was so lovely and made maths fun, especially when...

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Yvette and Peter Towler

Peter and I are deeply saddened to hear the news that Doreen as died. Please accept our deepest sympathies and condolences. Sending love ❤️ and hugs 🫂 to all of Doreens family. From Yvette and...

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Helena & Pete Allum

We will miss Nathan. I met him through work, but we became friends when we moved to Hooe lake. I still think he was the best asbestos remover I have ever come across. I remember...

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Marva Wilson-Harrison and Clayton Harrison

To the Family of Doreen We are so saddened to hear of the passing of Doreen, please accept our sincere condolences. Doreen was a lovely, lovely lady and has been around in our lives since...

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Isaac Sserwanja

You don’t have to have worked with Sarah to appreciate her. She was that approachable and likable. Her sense of humour, attitude and wide-ranging life experience made her a delightful lunch conversationalist in Milton Keynes....

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Becka Lee

To Doreen, I cannot quite believe you are gone. I thought you’d live on forever… thank you for being the kindest and most caring soul and for helping me through some of the hardest times...

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Annie Thomas

I am so very sorry to hear of Dor’s passing, my thoughts are with her beloved family. I have known Dor since I started at Anchor North of London region 4 years ago and met...

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Paul Ash

I started at MPS several weeks after Clare, and although I never got to meet her in person, we shared a bond by both being the ‘newbies’, finding our feet within the organisation. As others...

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Marie Alenas

Dear Sarah, I only had the pleasure of having you in my life for three months, but in this short time you made a huge impact on me. I loved our conversations about work and...

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Luciano Falco

Sarah, still cannot believe you are not here with us. That you would often regale us of stories of being on the River Ouse makes it all the more incomprehensible. Genuine, self-deprecating, a lover of...

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Patrizia Franco

I met Sarah when she joined CPC. We had in common a career in academia before joining the Catapult and we bonded instantly when we met in the Milton Keynes office. I am lucky to...

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Dean Miller

I was truly saddened to hear of the death of Debbie. She was an extraordinary person, a consummate professional, truly dedicated to doing her bit for the safe advancement of aviation, and fiercely proud of...

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Samantha Shutt

It was a pleasure to have known and worked with Melissa since joining the ICB in April 2022.

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Linda Brining

It was such a pleasure to have known Melissa, she will always be remembered for her hard work and commitment, nothing ever seemed too much trouble or difficult when you talked it through with her....

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Sarah Gale

Darling Sarah, I am really sad to write this and it has taken a long time to be able to put pen to paper, maybe because I still can’t fully comprehend and digest what has...

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Lesley Barley

Melissa… I still can’t believe you’ve been taken far too soon but you have definitely left an impression that will stay with us forever.  I can remember collecting you from Reception for your interview at...

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