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A quick guide

What is an Online Condolence Book ?

An Online Condolence Book or Online Book of Condolence is a webpage on which relatives, friends and colleagues may record their condolences after the death of a family member or after a great tragedy affects the wider community. They may also be referred to as Online Remembrance Books or Online Memory Books.

Traditionally condolence books are usually provided during  a funeral for mourners to leave their messages or maybe placed in public places for members of the general public to use. When closed, the books are usually given to the relatives of the deceased or archived. Reviewing a condolence book may help grieving relatives come to terms with the reality of their loss.

Digital or Online Condolence Books can now be placed on the Internet so people may write their thoughts on-line.

Our Online Condolence Books can be viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop devices and are a modern alternative to a printed book.

Messages of condolence can be added using either of the following four methods textual, audio, video or handwritten and photoed.

It is not necessary to create an account at Remembrance Book to leave a message.

Messages can also include photos or videos uploaded with the message.

Creating an Online Condolence Book requires the owner of the book to register and create an account with Remembrance Book  (this is free).

An Online Condolence Book can be edited and changed at any time only by the registered owner. Editing by anyone other than the registered owner is not allowed.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic our Online Condolence Books can be useful as a safe socially distanced way to collect memories and condolences from friends, colleagues and family worldwide.

Once an Online Condolence Book is complete it can optionally be ordered as a hardcopy printed book.

See below for the list of features of our Online Condolence Books.

For further information on Condolence Books please see more info…

To get started and create an Online Condolence Book  please click here…


  • Worldwide Access

    Invite friends family and colleagues located anywhere to contribute their comments and memories

  • COVID-19

    A socially distanced method of collecting condolence messages and memories.

  • Long Lasting

    Once created an online Condolence Book becomes a modern long lasting tribute to a loved one.

  • Restricted Editing

    Only the registered owner of a Condolence Book has full control to edit, add or delete its content. Site content is moderated by Remembrance Book.

  • Security

    Remembrance Book protects the security of your data with the latest encryption techniques and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

  • Unique Web Address

    Each Condolence Book has its own web address which you can share with friends and family.

  • Printed Book

    Optionally, for additional cost after all messages have been received a hard copy printed book of the Online Condolence Book may be purchased.

  • Email Support

    Access to free help and support by email.

  • Social Media

    Share your Condolence Book on social media

  • Low Cost

    They are available in various sizes, a 20 message book is free, 40 messages costs £9.99, 80 messages £14.99, 200 messages £24.99, 500 messages £39.99 and our largest book allowing up to 1000 messages costs £59.99.

Our Latest Condolence Messages

Christelle Royer

David je ne t oublierai jamais. Tu étais tellement gentil, souriant. Et je n oublierai jamais comment on dialoguais….. Moi cherchant mes mots anglais pour te faire plaisir et toi faisant de même en Français...

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Stephen M. Severino

Greetings from across the pond. While I never met Mike in person, I came to know and admire him through his work on the Meeples & Miniatures podcast. Mike’s enthusiasm, honesty, and down-to-earth nature, as...

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Justo Ruiz Cano and family

One of the best memories I cherish of Horris Hill was the annual bingo event, hosted by Mr Riches, where all the students would be cramped into a small classroom, five to a chair, and...

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Mr Riches was an inspirational teacher who made education fun. Our boys never wanted to let him down. I feel so grateful they had Henry as their teacher.

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Molly Tollit

Henry was truely a consummate schoolmaster with whom I was honoured to work. I think initially he thought little of me but as always with Henry I learnt you had to gain his respect not...

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Cheung family

Mr. Riches will be deeply missed. We are saddened to hear this news, thoughts and prayers are with your family. Rest in peace. 

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Brigitte Duval

Toutes mes condoléances Olivier, ainsi qu’à la maman de David et toute sa famille.  Il m’est difficile de te dire adieu. Nous nous sommes rencontrés lors de ta premiére visite en France. Dès ce jour,...

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Pang family

Mr Riches will be fondly remembered as the English don who always held the pupils to high standards and always put the pupil first. He will be deeply missed.  

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Caroline Mellor

I was so sad to hear that Emma was no longer with us  and I have so many memories I could share with her beautiful girls.     Emma and I joined the RBS Insurance...

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Stephen & Karen

It has been a real pleasure to have known Philip and particularly to have had him in our housegroup. Such a gentle, kind man with a deep scriptural knowledge. A man of wisdom and humility...

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Peigi Macarthur

David, I will remember you with such fondness. You were such a lovely person, so warm, gentle and approachable and so good at your job. I never saw you without a smile on your face....

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Chris Sharp

I was very privileged to have met Mike face to face as a gamer, first at an Expo years ago, and then at subsequent cons, including Grogmeet. Everytime I would see him again he always...

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Ken M

I was very sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. His loss is going to leave a big hole in the world and make it a much duller place. Although I didn’t know him personally, his...

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Isla McEwan

So very sad to have to say goodbye, you were one of the first at Scottish Autism when I turned up for my student nurse placement. You gave me lots of information and confidence to...

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A truly inspirational man who always put his students first. Thank you for all you did to help me at HH and beyond.  

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Nick Masee

Dear Natasha, Ella and Luke. I had the honor of calling JP a friend and will miss his contagious smile which never seemed to leave his face. We met countless times over the years at...

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Margaret Byers

Such happy memories of Philip. This photo was at a garden party at Trevor’s and Christina’s for Eddy and Ruth Oliffe’s farewall party.   It was a pleasure knowing you and we will meet again...

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Ted Prior

I was saddenend to hear that JP had lost his fight with cancer and I join with many others in sending my deepest condolences to his family. JP left a deep and lasting impression on...

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Simon Francis

A genuinely great man who had a positive impact and made a lasting impression on everyone around him. Allan helped me out during some really tough times in work and although it is some years...

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Laura Ganon

Life in this planet is just a brief instant of our journey. It is our chance to make a difference and make this world a better place. JP did just that! Spreading love and joy...

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Paul Wood

Thoughts and prayers are with Allan’s family. We walked the length and breadth of Jaguar Halewood together 20 years ago checking cars. The early days of Aktrion’s venture North outside of the Midlands.  A family...

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James Perrett

In 1999 towards the end of the summer term Henry asked me to supply a target for the boys who would be leaving the following morning to find. I managed along with Ian Keen to...

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Jeff Wangler

Natasha, Ella and Luke,   My sincerely condolensces to all of you on the passing of JP.  Always smiling, always looking out for his friends, working hard, making sure everyone else was well taken care...

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Liz Beckford

Aussie was a really genuine guy, always ready to help or tell a good story! We would sometimes arrive at Fanum House around the same time in the morning so we would walk in together...

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Steve Plant

A true Aktrion stalwart. I found him  an honest straight forward man. Always  willing to ask for advice on any H&S issue he was unsure about and once convinced on what he was being told...

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Steve Wilkins

JP, you have provided such great memories as a friend and colleague. You have been an industry shining light and shown what it is truly to be a great human being, something that your family...

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Keith Martin

I had the pleasure of meeting Allan through work. He was a great guy and always had a smile on his face. I have a lot of respect for his attitude and I was lucky...

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Levi and Jen

It’s still a shock that you are no longer with us because that is how much you meant to us. I still think that I will see you and hear you tell Benny off and...

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Online Condolence Books


Rae never expressed much interest in sailing but in July 2018, in the middle of a heat wave, she decided she’d like to join her brothers for a weekend on the Solent with us. She...

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Eric Tate

I am so sorry for your loss, and think about JP and miss him every day.  He was an amazing friend, we had so many fun times together over the years and he never stopped...

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Mark Burchell

So sad to recieve the email today. JP you will be missed, your positivity through to the end was admired and respected by a whole world of friends and colleagues. Condolonces to the family –...

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Chris Meyer

My sincerest condolences to the Meiring family for your loss.  JP will be sorely missed in our industry.  I cannot recollect a day I ever saw JP without a smile on his face.  He was...

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Margaret Thomas

I have known Philip the whole of my Christian Life, and he, along with Barbara has encouraged my growth, and strengthened me when I felt like giving up.  Philip was kind, gentle, understanding and truly...

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Ollie Holden

I think we all have such fond and happy memories of Aussie, as a colleague and as a friend.  I have a smile on my face when I think of him.  Aussie never shied away...

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James O’Keefe

I only know Mike Hobbs from his words, but I am so sorry that he left us. Much love to his family and friends in this time of sorrow.

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Ron Smith

My deepest condolences.  Please know that JP was an inspiration all around the World.  The manner and style that he fought through his challenges  was enlightning.   The World is worse today without JP.   Thankfully we...

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Claire Ritchie

Such and amazingly unique individual. You were always a great support to me over the years and you will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing you. My heart goes out...

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Megan Wilson

A lovely enduring memory of Don is being sat in a planetarium tent with him and other students at a secondary school outreach day in Scarborough in 2018. He unintentionally annoyed the man leading the...

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Kate Wood

I worked with Emma at RBS which could sometimes involve days that were long and tough.  That meant people could be a bit snappy with each other – but Emma made people behave!  She had...

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Chris Baumann

I had the pleasure of Allan being on our team for 14 years. Such a lovely guy and always so willing and helpful. His biggest legacy at Aktrion will be the contribution he made to...

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Jason Jefferies

So difficult to express what a sad loss this is to your family as well as to us all. I have known and worked for Aussie throughout all his time at the AA and during...

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Peter Farmerey

It was a very sad day when I learnt of JP’s passing and I wish to extend my deepest sympathies to his family. He was a special person who always got on so well with...

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Bill Lloyd

It was an absolute honor and inspiration to keep in touch with JP through his battle until nearly the end. We had a lengthy video call on April 9th and of course he was nothing...

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I would like to express my condolences and deepest feelings to all the family, friends and colleagues of JP! I did see and meet JP during many of the past conventions of our industry. He...

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Online Condolence Books

Jesse van Sas

Our removals industry is known for its camaraderie, but JP brought this to a whole new level.  We will miss JP’s personal involvement, his humour, his genuine interest in other people, his presence.  Fare well,...

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Janet Robertson

What a lovely man…always with a warm smile and an infectious laugh, generous to everybody with his time and a listening ear, and passionate about Scottish Autism, continually supporting others and building them up. He...

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Francesca Roma

I’ve had the big pleasure to meet Allan in a work context. His optimism and his positivity were an inspiration for me. I remember him always smiling, I will never forget his kindness. His wonderful...

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Marie Fischer-Sabatie

Although I had only recently joined Brad’s team, I had the opportunity to talk and work with Brad a few times and very much appreciated his great kindness and care about others. My deepest condolences...

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Roger Simpson

I only knew Allan personally for a short period of time compared to many, and then only through work however my instant thoughts of Allan, his personality and his strengths mirror his family’s beautiful memories....

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Online Condolence Books

Melissa Gerke

JP has been such an amazing friend and work colleague for the past 18 years, and he will be missed. So passionate about everything in life, his work and friends, but most of all his...

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Jon and Sally Phillips

Dear Henry – our  acquaintance spans a long time from 1976 in South Africa, overland in our Landrover, many visits with us, our family weddings, then working together at Horris Hill. A dedicated prep-schoolmaster, he...

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Karen Sweeney

Dearest David, I struggle to write this as I then have to accept this is true and my heart goes out to Oly, your family and close friends. So many fond memories over the past...

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Stephen Kelly

Such a well liked man. Allan, a true character who will always be fondly be rememberd by everyone who had the great fortune to be associated with him. Allan will continue to live on in...

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Saran Cliff

Al,     I could write on essay on the guidance, friendship, support & mentorship you kindly gave me over the last 18 years.   From our road trips around the North West hearing all of the...

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Chris Jones

RiP Allan, I will never forget the help and guidance you gave to me when I first started work for Aktrion, always helpful and always at the end of the phone, you will be sadly...

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Roy Franklin

RIP Allan. A great man, friend and colleague, always willing to help and support. Lots of fond memories over the last 20 years.You are going to be missed by so many. Never forgotten. God bless....

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Nuno Castilho

I only knew Mike from the internet, both from twitter, the M&M podcast and from talking to him a little bit in the Paint Chat group. Who I got to know, however imperfectly, was the...

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Simon Birchill

So deeply sorry to have heard of Allan’s passing.  I had the pleasure of working closely with Allan for the last 12 months and I can only say he was a true, honest, genuine, knowledgeable,...

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David H

I wish I had the opportunity to get to know Mike better. Nonetheless, I count myself lucky to have to got to know him from twitter and then the paint and chat group. He was...

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