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What is an Online Condolence Book ?

An Online Condolence Book or Online Book of Condolence is a webpage on which relatives, friends and colleagues may record their condolences after the death of a family member or after a great tragedy affects the wider community. They may also be referred to as Online Remembrance Books or Online Memory Books.

Traditionally condolence books are usually provided during  a funeral for mourners to leave their messages or maybe placed in public places for members of the general public to use. When closed, the books are usually given to the relatives of the deceased or archived. Reviewing a condolence book may help grieving relatives come to terms with the reality of their loss.

Digital or Online Condolence Books can now be placed on the Internet so people may write their thoughts on-line.

They can provide an advantage over handwritten books by removing the immediate pressure of composing a message by allowing a contributor to write their message at a time of their own choice. A further advantage over handwritten messages is that a picture may be additionally uploaded with each message. 

Our Online Condolence Books can be viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop devices and are a modern alternative to a printed book.

Messages of condolence can be added using either of the following four methods textual, audio, video or handwritten and photoed.

It is not necessary to create an account at Remembrance Book to leave a message.

Messages can also include photos or videos uploaded with the message.

Creating an Online Condolence Book requires the owner of the book to register and create an account with Remembrance Book  (this is free).

An Online Condolence Book can be edited and changed at any time only by the registered owner. Editing by anyone other than the registered owner is not allowed.

Once an Online Condolence Book is complete it can optionally be ordered as a hardcopy printed book.

See below for the list of features of our Online Condolence Books.

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  • Worldwide Access

    Invite friends family and colleagues located anywhere to contribute their comments and memories

  • Thoughtful reflective messages

    Enable the time needed for friends, family and colleagues to compose a fitting condolence message for your loved one.

  • Long Lasting

    Once created an online Condolence Book becomes a modern long lasting tribute to a loved one.

  • Restricted Editing

    Only the registered owner of a Condolence Book has full control to edit, add or delete its content. Site content is moderated by Remembrance Book.

  • Security

    Remembrance Book protects the security of your data with the latest encryption techniques and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

  • Privacy

    If required a book can be made private so that it will not be publicly visible on the site. Please contact Remembrance Book to find out more.

  • Unique Web Address

    Each Condolence Book has its own web address which you can share with friends and family.

  • Printed Book

    Optionally, for additional cost after all messages have been received a hard copy printed book of the Online Condolence Book may be purchased.

  • Email Support

    Access to free help and support by email.

  • Social Media

    Share your Condolence Book on social media

  • Low Cost

    They are available in various sizes, a 20 message book is free, 40 messages costs £14.99, 80 messages £24.99, 200 messages £39.99, 500 messages £59.99 and our largest book allowing up to 1000 messages costs £99.99.

Our Latest Condolence Messages

Marcia Cambridge

My memory of Francis is him walking into the office, sitting, taking the time to have a chat and getting to know his staff.. he really cared about people and it showed. 

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Elaine Rumble

Francis we met in the  early 2000s . Your beautiful smile and your soft spoken voice were what drew me and other people to you. I am shocked by your sudden passing. I send my...

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Vera Damptey

Francis although we did not connect regularly as MHED team mates we touched bases every now and then but you never mentioned you were under the weather even to this extent. It is a shock...

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Augustina Nketiah

Dear Francis, thank you so much for all your support, advise and mentoring. Your demise got to me as a total shock and it still feels like a dream. My deepest condolences go to your...

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Alan Bettridge

Francis it was extremely sad to hear of your passing, my condolences to your family and friends, you will be missed by so many people. May you rest in peace. 

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Gary Bootland

Worked a fair few shifts with Harry at partick . A great guy with infinite knowledge of the railway  Certainly miss him at peak times with his whistle calling out the trains to  a packed...

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Lynn Mckenzie

Francis I was so sad to hear of your sudden passing I was so lucky to have worked with such a dedicated inspiring person.Thankyou for our chats over a cuppa and a biscuit or two...

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Tommy Howe

Saddened to hear the news of Harry passing. Never had the opportunity tae work a shift wae ye but regardless, many a laugh shared, please tae know ye brother. Rest in peace 

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Dr Hannah-Lisa Tetteh


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Esther Ogunyemi

To hear about Francis passing was shocking news. My condolence to the entire staff that have worked with him and the whole family. Accept my sympathy may the Lord grant him internal rest and grant...

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Katie Collins

I would like to send my sincere condolences to Jane and David’s family and friends at this sad time. Although I didn’t know David well as we worked in a different offices, he was a...

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Jane Sayer

What a kind, sweet and compassionate man. We worked together briefly, but I have often thought of Francis since, and his quiet way of being. My condolences to all friends, family and colleagues. I know...

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Dear Sylvia and family I will miss you so much! I loved working with you and having our little chats about life and how things were going. My hearts aches for your family and I...

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Jim docherty

One of the good guys RIP Harry you were always good to work with, sadly missed.

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Ashley Honeyman

Dear Francis, my condolences to your family, friends and colleagues.  I am deeply saddened.  I remember meeting you as a student nurse at GDH, you were an inspiration and a mentor to me from day...

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Makarious manyasi

My Heartfelt Condolence, May You Rest Easy. The Trust Is Already Feeling Your Absence. 

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Toyin – Founder of YACnCAY

My dear Uncle Francis, As a community group we were struggling to find spaces to hold our YACnCAY talks, you kindly arranged for us to use the hall in Balham without any cost to us....

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David Jones

Sad news about Harry, I worked with Harry for many years at Partick, a respected collegue and good friend, always polite and helpful a true gentleman RIP Harry. 

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Victor Ahiabah Quarshie

It was a great shock to me when I heard of your sudden demise. Whatever it was that took you away from us that soon, I know and believe that you will be at peace...

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Raymond Bwanika

My Sincere condolences to Francis’s Family, Friends and work Coleagues. He was a nice generous man. What a privilege and gift to have worked under your Leadership since 2004. Always giving advise about Nursing and...

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Kemi Adebayo

My sincere condolensces to Francis’s family, friends and colleagues. Sorry to hear of his passing. May you be comforted at this difficult time.  My last encounter with him involved him supporting me through a challenging...

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Edward kanu

Thank you Francis for the support and mentoring over the years, without your wisdom and direction, I would have struggled . You will be missed ,  rest well Big Man!

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Jon Penman

Rest in peace Sylvia. I’ll remember you with great fondness as somebody who would always brighten up the day.

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Kemi Omisore

My deepest condolence to Francis’s family, friends and colleagues. Francis was a great role model at Oxleas. Francis had a great passion to always deliver high quality care to Oxleas service users and ensure staff...

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Reanie Evans

My sincere condolences to Francis’ family and friends.   I first met Francis when he was at GDH, amazing how quickly time has passed.  He was a warm lovely man, who cared about his colleagues regardless...

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Dear Francis I was so shocked to hear of your passing; you always seemed invincible.  I remember the first day I met you back in 1993 when you started as a staff nurse on GE...

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Christina Nathaniel-Davies

Dear Francis, Many have spoken of your kindness and humanity towards all who know you It is not often that you hear of such an examplary life. Thank you for being a good listening ear...

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Ayo Sangokunle

My deepest condolences go to Francis’s family, friends and colleagues. Francis was so kind and supportive. With an infectious smile and positive attitude. An effective leader, a good role model and an excellent mentor. What...

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Kim Gilbey

Dear Francis, you were always a joy to work with. You were always so kind, compassionate and supportive. Your infectious smile and laugh will be missed.  

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John Crowley

Saddened to hear of the loss of a caring and compassionate human being, nurse and colleague. Fond memories of GD ward in the 90’s, and since then, in various roles. Over more recent years, you...

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Janice Williamson

My dearest Francis, my heart is broken hearing the news that you have past. You will alway hold a special place in many of our hearts. Your kindness and good humour will alway be remembered....

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Eileen Leahy

Claire, Eloise & Sophie, what can I say, I still find it hard to accept he won’t appear next to me pulling up a stool asking if I was busy & completely ignoring the answer,...

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Jill Forshaw

Such sad news to hear of your untimely passing. You were such a big part of Oxleas and Mental Health nursing. You were always a solid, strong, knowledgeable, warm and approachable man. Always willing to...

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Max Stewart

I mainly worked with David when I first joined Graham + Sibbald. As a new start apprentice it was daunting going on site visits and doing inspections myself, but when David would ask me I...

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Lewis Redpath

I have known David for 6 years from working at G+S and was deeply saddened to hear of his passing. We would regularly discuss Scottish football and he would often have a grin when Livingston...

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Abisola Adefioye

I never worked directly with Joshua so we eventually met in the Christians at Work group we have at Crown Agents/the building we work in. The few times I joined, he would always (without fail)...

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Victor Benson

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Francis. He was a very committed Senior Nurse, a Leader and always willing to offer a helping hand to his colleagues regardless of their position in...

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Ami Oladipo

My deepest condolence to Francis and the family, Francis is such a wonderful, caring and amazing person with great sense of humour, it so sad writing this message. This feels so unreal. Francis, thank you...

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Ami Oladipo

My deepest condolence to Francis and the family, Francis is such a wonderful, caring and amazing person with great sense of humour, it so sad writing this message. This feels so unreal. Francis, thank you...

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James Njoki

Known Francis since I was a stundent and has been a constant support to me and others.  Very sad time for the family and Oxleas as a whole and will be greatly missed. Heart felt...

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Peter Haster

I am truely shocked to hear that we have lost Francis – I have known him many years and he was a an fantastic colleague and friend.  His work and commitment to compassion was amazing....

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Joseph Quansah

Francis was the kindest and supportive person you could ever meet. He was humble and ready to go the extra mile to support nurses. Wishing his family comfort and peace in the days ahead.

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Kevin Murchie

It doesn’t seem that long ago that i was chatting to David on his return to the Edinburgh office . The fact that i am heading towards my final months at G and S is...

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Robbie Davidson

I was very shocked and deeply saddened to hear of David’s passing. My thoughts are with David’s family at what will be an immensely difficult time. David and I are two of the longer serving...

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Jennifer Hogg

I was lucky enough to work right next door to David for nearly 10 years and always found him to be a genuinely lovely person to be around. He was a friend to everyone, always...

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Gillian Neill

I only worked directly with David on a couple of occasions, however he was always very kind, very patient, and very grateful for anything I was able to assist him with.     Whenever he came...

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Peter Seymour

I was truly sorry to hear of the passing of David.  He was a lovely colleague and although we did not work in the same sector, I always found him to be friendly, helpful and...

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Bruce Murdoch

I have known David since he joined the firm and he was always a delight to work with. He remained calm and unfazed when faced with some of the more frustating aspects of his role,...

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Linda McDowall

David was a true gentleman and a pleasure to work alongside. I only worked alongside David over the last few years but he was always went out of his way to help you in any...

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Alex Rattray

Dear Sheila I feel very fortunate to have met you. Even though you had so much to deal with and so many worries of your own, you always were there to help others. You were...

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John Wilson

I first met David when I was a young anaesthesia trainee at the Eastern General, 1996 I believe. I remember him teaching me epidural anaesthesia in obstetrics! I was fortunate to have him as a...

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Tracey Strickland

Sheila was the heart of the Medical Department. Her smiling face and cheery ‘Hello’ were so welcoming to everybody who entered the department and she had a real knack of putting everybody at their ease....

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Oluwadola Dania

Realy sad to have lost him to the cold hands of death. May God the Almighty grant his gentle soul eternal rest and let his light perpentual shine on him. May his family ,loved ones...

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Daniel Glynn

I am going to miss Sheila very much. I have a lot to thank Sheila for. I first started at the CAA as a temp in 2014, and I was very shy and nervous about...

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JJ Hetherington

David was such a friendly and kind man. I only had the pleasure of working with him directly on a handful of occasions as an anaesthetic trainee, but he always made time to talk to...

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Alyson Carroll

Hearing the sad news of Francis passing has left so many bereft. His belief in people and ability to see the positive in every situation was totally infectious. His smile, booming laugh and big presence...

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Ramona Palmer

Sylvia was such a beam of sunshine and a delight to talk to. She will be sadly missed by her friends & colleagues here. Rest in peace Sylvia. x Ramona

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Cereta Robinson

I send my deepest condolences to the Family and all who knew Francis, Although we did not meet, your wings were ready, to all who miss and love you… remain strong!

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