iPLAQUE Memorial Plaques

iPLAQUE Memorial Plaques
iPLAQUE Memorial Plaques

What Is An iPLAQUE® Memorial Plaque?

Our iPLAQUE memorial plaques are intended to supplement an existing memorial inscription or bench plaque. They enable an online memorial to be linked to a physical memorial. Anybody scanning an iPLAQUE® memorial plaque with a smartphone or device will be able to see further detailed information on your loved one by viewing their online memorial on the devices web browser. 

How Do They Work?

An iPLAQUE® memorial plaque uses either a QR code or NFC tag to redirect a smartphone or device to an online memorial webpage.

The first method of a QR code is used on all types of iPLAQUE® memorial plaques. A QR or Quick Response code is a form of matrix barcode that can easiy be read by most smartphone cameras. Software within the smartphone decodes the web address in the QR code and redirects the phones internet browser to the online memorial webpage.  For more information please see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code.

The second method of a NFC tag is used on all acrylic iPLAQUE® memorial plaques alongside a QR code.  A NFC or Near Field Communication tag is commonly used in all contactless payment cards. The web address of the online memorial is programmed into the NFC tag so that as soon as the smartphone or device is in close proximity to the iPLAQUE® memorial plaque the devices web browser redirects automatically to the online memorial webpage.

What Are They Made Of?

An iPLAQUE® memorial plaque is available made from acrylic, aluminium or brass. All are rectangular in form and supplied either as screw or adhesive tape mounting. All are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are UV stable.

The acrylic iPLAQUE® memorial plaque is engraved and is available in several colours.

The aluminium iPLAQUE® memorial plaque is laser printed and is also available in several colours.

The brass iPLAQUE®  memorial plaques are laser printed and available with either nickle plated, shiny or brushed brass finishes.

In addition to our standard design sizes and materials we also offer a custom design service if you required a specific size or inscription with the iPLAQUE® functionality. Please use the Contact Us button at the foot of this page to request further details.

iPLAQUE Memorial Plaques