Printed Condolence Books

Printed Condolence Book

Once the owner of an Online Condolence Book believes it is likely to have received its last message it is possible to order a printed version of the Online Condolence Book. This will contain all the text and photos  but excluding audio and video from every condolence message received.

At the time of ordering it is possible to specify using the same background and text colours used for the Online Condolence Book or to order it using a more printed material friendly colour combination. 

Optionally they can also be ordered with a leather presentation folder embossed with your choice of wording.

Each page of the book will have a maximum of three messages depending on the length of each condolence message and whether it has an associated photo. Please see below for an example of the format of our Printed Condolence Books in this case showing one message per page that we can create from our Online Condolence Books.


For further information on Condolence Books please see more info…

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