Online Funeral Notices FAQ

Online Funeral Notices FAQ

First Register and create an account at Remembrance Book.

From the menu select Login>>Register and create a username and password.

While logged in with your new account from the menu select New>>Funeral Notice.

After you have finished adding the details for the funeral notice click SUBMIT.

From the menu select Latest>>Funeral Notices to check that it has been created.

To publish a funeral notice in full you will need to purchase an activation code.

From the menu select Products>Online Funeral Notices >> Funeral Notice.

Creating an account by registering allows the owner of a Funeral Notice to be verified. 

Only the registered owner of a Funeral Notice is allowed to edit it.

It  is not permitted to upload any illegal or copyrighted content within a funeral notice. Also Remembrance Book reserve the right to delete any content it deems to be objectionable or inappropriate.

To edit a funeral notice click on the red link EDIT FUNERAL NOTICE at the foot of its webpage. Note this will only be visible to the owner of the funeral notice who should be logged on.

We have not set a time limit on the availability of an Online Funeral Notice. 

No direct adverts are or will ever be used on an Online Funeral Notice webpage. However this site from time to time may have other dedicated webpages on which links are provided to affiliated products. These pages contain affiliate links, so we may earn a small commission when you make a purchase through links on these pages at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.


Please check that you have copied the code emailed to you exactly. In particular there should be no spaces and capitalisation is important. If you still have problems activating a funeral notice please use CONTACT US at the foot of the page to get in touch.

The unique web address of the Online Funeral Notice can be shared using the social media and email links at the foot of the funeral notice webpage.

Please use CONTACT US at the foot of the page to ask any questions not already covered.