Online Condolence Book FAQ

Online Condolence Book FAQ

First Register and create an account at Remembrance Book.

From the menu select Login>>Register and create a username and password.

While logged in with your new account from the menu select New>>Condolence Book.

After you have finished adding the details for the book title page click SUBMIT.

From the menu select Latest>>Condolence Books to check that it has been created.

Creating an account by registering allows the owner of a Condolence Book to be verified. 

Only the registered owner of a Condolence Book is allowed to edit it.

This option is under the control of the condolence book owner.

If "Allow Anonymous Messages" is set to Yes (the default setting) then it is not necessary for anyone leaving a condolence message to register at Remembrance Book.

If "Allow Anonymous Messages" is set to No then anyone leaving a message must register and create an account at Remembrance Book first.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both settings:



The simplest and easiest way for someone to leave a message without having to leave contact details. Any message submitted will have ownership transferred to the book owner who will be able to edit or delete a message. However if the person leaving a message chooses to register first then they will be able to edit or delete their own messages and message ownership will not be transferred to the book owner.


Submitting a message without registering requires the message to be right first time. Once submitted only the book owner can edit the message.



The most secure way of submitting a message and controlling the content of the Condolence Book.

Anyone submitting a message retains full control and editing permissions to their message.


Requires everyone submitting a message to register and create an account at Remembrance Book first.



At a Condolence Book title page select Add New Condolence Message.

At this point you may need to register and create an account at Remembrance Book for the following reasons:

If you wish to be able to later edit your message after submission or the book owner has specified that you must register first by disallowing anonymous messages.

However unless for the reasons given above it is not necessary to register to submit a condolence message.

Messages may be textual, handwritten, photoed and uploaded, videoed or submitted as an audio recording.

When you have completed your message press SUBMIT.

From the menu select Latest>>Messages to check it has been submitted correctly.

It  is not permitted to upload any illegal or copyrighted content within a message. Also Remembrance Book reserve the right to delete any messages it deems to be objectionable or inappropriate.

There are no restrictions. Messages can be left using any web enabled device such as a desktop computer, tablet computer or smartphone. Messages can be left from anywhere in the world 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week.

If you registered and created an account at Remembrance Book before leaving a message then if you login and look at your message there will be an option to EDIT CONDOLENCE MESSAGE at the foot of the webpage.

However if you submitted a message without registering first then the only person able to edit or delete the message is the book owner.


Yes there is no charge to leave a message.

We have not set a time limit on the availability of an Online Condolence Book. It is certainly our intention that if you returned in 10-20 years the webpage will still be present, however the honest answer is as nobody can predict the future we cant guarantee this. It is also unknown how much changing technologies may alter the site.

No adverts are or will ever be used on this site.


For further information on Condolence Books please see more info…

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