In Loving Memory of


Tim Cribbens

Timothy James Cribbens

2nd August 1964 – 5th March 2021

Tim’s death has robbed us of the joy, the laughter and the love he brought to our lives. Shine on you crazy diamond x

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albert danan

you can shed tears that he is gone  or you can smile because he has lived You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back  or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left  Your heart can be empty because you can’t see him  Or you can …

Simon Cribbens

David Mallett

I first met Tim in about 1989 through Matt Robertson. Tim was all the things that eveyone has described – with his Sid James chuckle, he always had a grin on his face, he always had the best stories and he always had a beer in his hand – he was the lovable rogue. …

Simon Cribbens

Amanda Clarke

I was 11 when I arrived in Keston with one big brother when I left it honestly felt like I had an army! It wasn’t until I left that i realised what a special although crazy and bonkers time it had been, a bond had been made which somehow between us all would stay …

Simon Cribbens

Mark Broomfield

Dear friend, your parting is going to leave a great big hole in so many people’s lives. Your cheeky smile when you said something outrageous or mildy offensive, your cutting yet somehow endearing remarks, your Sid James chuckle, your appetite for fun, your love for all your family & friends, your exquisite company, your …


Andy Field

Tim Cribbens, what a bloke. This picture is one of the last times we had a big day out before he got unwell. All I can say is that he was always the best company. I loved his stories, his escapades, his sense of humour and also his depth. He probably wouldn’t name it …

Simon Cribbens

Karen Cluer

Tim and I spent time together in Hayes grove hospital and had some crazy  memorable times in a fun way. I think it gave us  the empathy and love for life and definitely the strength to overcome a lot of things. Tim was a beautiful soul and a few years ago he tracked me …

Simon Cribbens

Maria Simons

Andy met Tim circa 2014 on the 63 late one evening, this was the start of a great friendship, we shared many times together with friends and family, Tim always winning everyone over with his charasmatic charm, twinkly eyes and zest for life, let alone his anecdotes and knowledge of latin. I am not …

Simon Cribbens

Sacha Danan

Unic moments with you timix… “le singe est dans l’arbre” keep dreaming of the chateau danan-cribbens in Riberac, love you …

Sacha Danan

Mel Brown

Goodbye old friend.   Thank you for the fun, laughter and random, drunken, philosophical discussion; as well as your unswerving support.  You lifted everyone’s spirits with your positivity, always, even when you were so poorly. Many memories of times when we were young and more recently too. My heart goes out to the whole …

Simon Cribbens

Nancy Kilbride and Brian Hoffman

It is with a heavy heart we write these words. It has been so many years that have gone by, but our thoughts and memories of Tim are very vivid. Cousin Tim will truly be missed by all who knew him, family, friends, and associates. Cousin Tim will be remembered by his handsome smile, …

Simon Cribbens

Brian Lafferty

Tim came and worked for me at Brophys, He was a supervisor and extremely good with clients and I knew he would go on to management, The best of a lot of memories was when he came to Scotland,,In the middle of Braveheart country, Because he had a posh English voice I worried about …

Simon Cribbens

Nigel wise

I knew Tim from the age of 16.I have so many memories and I would like to share just a couple .We were round my aunt’s who liked classical music and I said I liked the Old Spice music and Tim in his Dulwich school accent said Dear Boy it’s Carmina Burana by Carl …

Simon Cribbens

Phil de Montmorency

So many happy memories to choose from. Lots of happy holidays in France and Italy.  Tim’s grasp of foreign languages and ability to have himself understood.  Finding Rasteau wine.  Listening to Jonny Cash.  Moving in next door when Christie & Grey were little. Despite being a lifelong Chelsea supporter Tim always had a soft …

Simon Cribbens

Dylan Richards

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim on his visits to Wales. He also traveled to France with us to watch Wales in euro 2016. The boys loved spending time with him. RIP Tim. …

Simon Cribbens

catth henchion

I have so many fantastic memories of Tim.    The best were when Christie and Jacqui were small kids and we all hung out in one big large family group.So many happy holidays, weekends and child care sharing when you lived next door to us for a few years. The friday fun we used …

Simon Cribbens

Julien Danan

I’m happy to share this picture of Tim which remembers me of the great moments we shared all together in Ribérac over the years. Everyone always had fun when Tim was around! …

Simon Cribbens

David Boyle (camel)

I was a regular in The Fox from 1984-1989 and spent a lot of time with Tim in those years. He was a force of nature, passionate, positive , humorous and always dreaming up some ,in theory, harmless prank or other. Above all he gave me the gift of his friendship without question and …

Simon Cribbens


Simon Cribbens

Matt Thomas

Thank you for the memories Tim. I’m very proud to call you a true friend x …

Simon Cribbens

Deborah Gerbis (Mason

Christie and family.  My sincere condolences to you all on the loss of dear Tim.  Christie, your Dad and I were friends during our young teenage years hanging out in the Keston area with a group of friends, mostly from Hayes School.  Although your Dad and I were only in occasional contact since, I …


Karen Johnson

I will always remember Tim as a young man with a great sense of humor…joking, laughing, smiling. He will forever remain in my heart just this way. Love to the whole Cribbens family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Karen  …

Simon Cribbens

Stuart langford

Dear all, I have to tell you that I sent Tim’s news to my mum,an old lady of 87. I grew up with Tim from the age of six ish, as soon as she saw his photo she recognised him immediately and said she felt sad . She said to me that she always …


Simon Cribbens

Abby Hans and Wim

How many of you sat on this bench eating chatting laughing dreaming and planning. This is the bench Tim Christie Saul Michelle and lots of us sat on. xxx in peace and love …

Simon Cribbens

Lydia Homer

I know where to begin, December 1982 Biba’s nightclub Bromley.  It was an Orpinton College Christmas disco and you Tim had snuck in with Matt Robertson.  From that very first conversation you charmed me just as you went on to charm every other person I ever introduced you to.  My parents have recalled over …


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