Tim Cribbens

I was 11 when I arrived in Keston with one big brother when I left it honestly felt like I had an army!

It wasn’t until I left that i realised what a special although crazy and bonkers time it had been, a bond had been made which somehow between us all would stay forever. I could tell you endless stories again which at the time I thought was just a normal up bringing:) 

Tim always checked in wherever I went every city I lived, college I went too he would turn up check it out and yes more fun more stories.

The picture is of one Christmas morning we were politely, forced, made, coerced by my parents to dress up and give presents out at the local old peoples home, every year! I’m sure their were years we hadn’t quite made it to bed from the night before. I last sore Tim here in Whitstable with a group of other friends. I was actually working that day so missed the lunch, he rang me several times telling me to hurry up in the end came and found me picked up my bag took my hand – off we went, I had only missed the lunch not the whole night ahead, more stories more fun. Tim, I know you would tell me off for choosing this pic with a big smile on your face xx

tim 1

Amanda Clarke

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