Tim Cribbens

Tim Cribbens, what a bloke. This picture is one of the last times we had a big day out before he got unwell.

All I can say is that he was always the best company. I loved his stories, his escapades, his sense of humour and also his depth. He probably wouldn’t name it as one of his uppermost qualities but he was also a real carer, a big lion hearted top man, and of course a totally loveable rogue.

He fought like a lion in his last illness and that wasn’t easy. I always admired his take on things and courage in adversity, always finding something to joke about and make others smile.

It was an honour to get to know him more deeply around the time of our mutual friend Matt’s passing. And also getting to see his caring side with Michelle and supporting him with that grief.

He was a gent, a philosopher, kind and very very smart. I’ll miss him and look forward to that big party in the sky when our spirits are reunited. Rest peacefully Timothy


Andy Field

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