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Stephen Tanswell

Stephen Tanswell

If you were lucky enough to have known Steve Tanswell; ‘Lord of Urmston’, ‘King of the Greeks’, ‘Sugar Steve Tanswell’, or in his greatest role as a husband, a father, a son, a brother and friend, then please share your stories with us here. 

Your memories, photos, videos, messages of love and laughter will be of great comfort to Joanne, Jacob, Oliver, Emily, family and friends in the years to come.

The more outrageous the better!




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Dorothy Donegan

To my darling son Stephen James Tanswell was born on 30th March 1976 in Park Hospital, Davyhulme weighing 8lb 2oz. He was a much-longer for son. When the midwife told his father, Arthur, that he had a son, she said he grew ten foot in stature. In due course, his two little sisters, Nicola …

Dylan Dyer

I first met Steve when i was in my 20’s through Chris, Adam and Colin. We became friends and I had the pleasure of sharing some memborable nights out, golf trips, stag do’s and more recently weddings with Steve. Not forgetting the legendary poker nights he used to host at Church road. I dont …


Vas Theo

What a man, what a legend. Many football and poker games together always had us in laughs and stitches. Many kisses on the lips, many slaps on the ass from tansy. The man was a legend and will be sadly missed.    …

scott stapleton

There’s only one Steve Tanswell    Some people came into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same again”   Tanzy,I knew from the first time I met you that we were going to be mates forever and I instantly adored you. My first memories are from our trip …

The Hills

We will miss Steve so very much and are absolutely heartbroken that he is no longer here. He was our hilarious, cheeky, positive, generous in every way, outrageous and extremely kind friend. And yes, we were kissed -and we loved it. We have so many great memories of meeting up with ‘The Tanswells’ both …

Andrew Zavrou

I am very fortunate to say that I have known tansy my whole life. The earliest memory I have of him (which he would subsuqently go on to remind me of and then have a good laugh about at my expense at many times over the years) would be our battles on my PlayStation when …

Claire Burns

Life is a strange journey   you get to meet people who you become firm friends with, you meet people who you are acquaintances with, and you meet people who you only see from time to time but you are so glad and happy to have seen them. These people have been part of your …

Colin Dixon

‘Alright lads!!, a cheeky Wednesday afternoon chippy is it?’ Said through smiling teeth as you caught me by surprise in Whitaker’s chippy. Next came that famous laughing tongue waggle when you got the reaction you were after from me ‘yes mate, what you having?’ ‘Ill have a chip barm lads’ you dropped me off …

Lisa & James Keelan

We were first introduced to Tansy and Jo via our good friends Ana and Steve via the Riff Raff Charity.  Jay received the ‘Love Bomb’ award from the charity at the Ball in 2017. We had such a good shindig afterwards which included Steve showing us his fantastic Greek Dancing which resulted in his …
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