Steve Tanswell

You brightened every room, you lifted spirits, you laughed, you danced, you hugged, you loved, you were loved – by so many!  I have met many, many people, but very few that come even close to having the energy, drive, determination, spirit and zest for life that you did Steve. 

You were unique in so many ways – you were the only person who called me “Richie”, but I liked that.  You were the only person to apologise to me every time you beat me at Tennis!  You were the only person I have skied with who got worse the more trips they went on!

In fact, it was a ski trip that has given me one of the many wonderful memories of my time with Steve.  In February 2019 the Manley, Price, Oldham and Tanswell families went skiing to France for Jo’s 40th birthday.  One afternoon myself, Steve T, Steve P and Paul Oldham slipped away from the bosom of our families in search of great skiing and more importantly great beer (or shandy for me!) at the famous Folie Douce bar in Val Thorens.  We jumped on a couple of lifts and started to ski towards the Folie Douce – we could hear the bar and its live music and Ibiza like apres ski before we could see it for the bar was located at the bottom of a steep ski run and we hadn’t yet reached the crest of the hill.  Tanswell could sense that accessing the bar could be a problem – he sent me ahead to the edge of the ski run to look down further.  “Is it steep?” he shouted over to me.  Now from my inspection I had noted that it was a very steep icy run far beyond Steve’s capabilities, so I turned back round a shouted “no, you’ll be fine!”.   Steve started down the run and by the time he got to where I was and could see the challenge that lay between him and the fun and frolics of the Folie Douce he was passed the point of no return – there was now only one way to the bar and that was straight down.  Steve’s snowplough turns were not up to the task and having ground to a halt after about another 20 meters Steve decided that there was only one way to continue……off came the skis and Steve proceeded to slide down the mountain on his bum.  You will travel far and wide and visit many ski resorts before you see another grown man sliding down a ski run on his bum to get to a bar.  He slid and slid and when the terrain stated to even out at the bottom he popped back up onto his feet and somehow stylishly converted his sliding momentum into a jog towards the bar.  At the bar much fun was of course had and by all and we had a wonderful afternoon – One which I took for granted at the time, but one which has given me memories that I will now cherish forever.

God bless you Steve Tanswell, a star that shone so brightly.

Your friend

“Richie” Manley 




Steve Sliding

Rich Manley

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