Book of Memories of


Michael Davies

Our loving father and best mate passed away on January 11th 2021, and since then we as a family have been touched by the memories shared by those who knew him.

Dad left a lasting impression on everyone who met him, and we hope this book will help preserve his legacy. 

Please share your memories of Dad, Grandad, Mike & Dr Davies and let the pages of this book immortalise our friend.


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Mohamed Shokry

1st time i met Mike was in February 2018. I instantly disliked him; he was loud, unkempt, hair all over the place with a belt that was too big and the wrong colour for what he was wearing. He started to introduce himself in the usual manner that we got to know (and much …


Alexa Sidwell

Dr Davies, what a legend with our medical students who would tentatively venture up to the ward, unsure what their psychiatry placement would bring. Mike would break the ice with a welcoming, quirky and amusing quote or joke, then get them stuck in with whatever was happening. I remember one time he called me …


Graham Spencer

It was a true privilige to work with a man of such unique character. He was always happy to support our research & make more positive differences to peoples lives. I always looked forward to coming to ward 33 knowing I would be made to feel welcome. He was great fun as well as …

Graham Spencer

Jason Holdcroft-Long

I was shocked and saddened to hear of Mike’s premature passing. He was enormous fun to work with, but also very supportive to me on occasions when we worked together. It was clear when we were assessing his patients together for detention that he took the responsibility with the utmost seriousness and trod carefully …


Jordan King

My contact with Mike during his work on Ward 33 was brief, however his pragmatism, compassion, time for the service user we were supporting, sense of humour and colourful waistcoat left a positive impression.  With best wishes and sincere condolences to his friends and family. …


Subodh Dave

I got to know Mike as a colleague but then more closely as we worked together to help a couple of patients with complex difficulties. Mike’s humanity, compassion and willingness to work hard to get the best outcomes for this patients became obvious to me. He did not shy away from expressing controversial thoughts …


Shabbir Amanullah

I got to know Mike more recently thanks to Rajesh Jain layer he chaired a session we conducted for a global audience  My brief friendship with him was a wonderful opportunity to get to know a kind hearted individual He will be missed My condolences and prayers that his family have the strength to cope …


Colette Handsley

I worked with Mike on ward 33 when i was clinical lead for the in reach service. He was the most caring and compassionate gentleman who was very knowledgeable and thoughtful. He was also a joker and took great pleasure in making people laugh. When he and Mohammed left they both took me out to …


Raghavendra Bethamcharla

Met Dr Davies in one of the WhatsApp group and he was a kind and thorough gentleman. I came to know through others who knew him personally that he was the same offline too.  My condolences to Dr Davies’ family and hope they have the strength to face this loss. Kind Regards Raghu.   …


Maggie Pepper

It was indeed an encounter to meet and know you. You were a light to so many people including, your family, friends, professionals and of course your patients. You were a giver, never a taker. You sought to find a solution to help people, even when other professionals may have disagreed with you; you …


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