Michael Davies

I got to know Mike as a colleague but then more closely as we worked together to help a couple of patients with complex difficulties. Mike’s humanity, compassion and willingness to work hard to get the best outcomes for this patients became obvious to me. He did not shy away from expressing controversial thoughts but rooted as he was in scientific evidence and humanity, this meant that even when in conflict with his team, he won their admiraiton and respect. This was especially remarkable (and I speak from experience) given that he managed an in-patient unit and was a locum (albeit a long-term one). He would often drop by in my office en route to his own and he was always generous with his time and thoughts. His wisdom was always palpable and comes through readily in his WhatsApp interactions that many have alluded to. His contributions in our journal clubs were very illuminating and demonstrates his vast knowledge, but he was never ostentatious about his intellect and in fact was always warm, kind and fun-loving making one feel at ease instantly. Rest in peace, Mike.

Subodh Dave

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