Michael Davies


1st time i met Mike was in February 2018. I instantly disliked him; he was loud, unkempt, hair all over the place with a belt that was too big and the wrong colour for what he was wearing.

He started to introduce himself in the usual manner that we got to know (and much later on love); My name is Dr Michael Davies, you can call me Dr Davies, Mike or Doc.. I am not at all fussy. I am the Doctor in charge of your treatment; however i am not in charge or your life.

And in my head i was like i hate you with a passion. You are arrogant while i am a full blown narcessist and we will clash until you leave since you are the locum and i am the substantive.

Later that day he took me to lunch and we got to talk …  A LOT … about everything. He taught me rule number one (Don’t kill your patients) as well as lesson number one (Never work for free). All the while i was thinking “this guy is such a clown but he actually knows his shit” Oh God …  am i actually liking him!!??

As i got to know Mike; i came to the realisation that this quirky character is a salt of the earth gem or more appropriately like George Wilson .. one of the foundation doctors Mike and i worked with once said … This guy is an absolute LEGEND

To say his perceived arrogance doesn’t even come close to a sliver of his true brilliance would be the understatement of the year.

Mike and i used to “jokingly” tell EVERYONE who sat with us “you should consider yourself lucky for you are in the presence of genius” … And although I am an arrogant prick myself I certainly don’t believe i am a genius; but i whole heartedly believe that everytime i was in Mike’s presence i was in the presence of TRUE GENIUS.

When My mother passed away Mike and I connected on a totally different level. We both knew a certain loss that others don’t really understand. I used to tell Mike ” I pitty people who’ve never known my mum or were blessed by her mere existence in their lives. Today i say the same about Mike. I pitty those who’ve never met Mike and even more those who have met him but never realised or appreciated him the way he deserved.

I have a million more stories about Mike and even more words of wisdom and knowledge that i have learnt from him; but nothing i say would ever do him justice or convey how much i loved and shall always love him …

I miss you Mike and will always remember the invaluable lessons you taught me and as i told you once before i am grateful to have met you and wish one day i am half as knowledgeable as you are.

And after all … it doesn’t matter … I have my bike outside. 

Mohamed Shokry

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