Michael Davies


Where do I begin? It’s still a shock to all of us, hearing the awful news. It doesn’t seem real.

I thought I would write something on behalf of the nursing team on ward 33 where you spent so long as a locum, you became part of the furniture. You brought so much fun to the ward and even made ward rounds enjoyable! You showed empathy towards the patients, taking time to listen, showing that you cared and we loved hearing your predictable introduction to new patients; “hello, my name is Dr Davies. You can call me Dr Davies, Doc, Mike, I’m not fussy. Whilst you’re here I will be responsible for your care…….”

You loved educating and teaching the junior doctors, medical students and student nurses, sharing your wealth of knowledge in a simple but non patronising manner. Even when you made things up but delivered the information convincingly and we would only realise when we saw your smirk and twinkle in your eye that you were pulling our legs! You drew some amazing diagrams of molecular structures! And we were convinced you had memorised the entire Mental Health Act. It really was your ‘Bible!’ You even patiently persevered with trying to teach Dr Shokry to be more “politically correct” in an attempt to stop his mouth getting him into trouble!!

You were quite eccentric at times, but that made you even more endearing. Your fun personality meant that you easily fitted into the team and we enjoyed many a takeaway in the staff office whilst listening to your corny jokes and never ending anecdotes. There was never a dull moment when you were there.

Out of work, you were quite the party animal and we have some fantastic memories of big ward nights out, meals, parties and of course the big Xmas ‘do’ 2019. Life and soul of the party. You loved a get together.

Sadly the plan of us all meeting up for a post Covid party will not materialise, but we will raise a toast or two in your absence.

I’ve never met a psychiatrist like you and doubt I will ever meet anyone quite like you in the future. The medical profession has lost a fantastic doctor.

May you rest in peace…… and don’t be flirting with the angels x


Tanya Ames

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