Vernon Shabaka Thompson


SHABAKA. A BEAUTIFUL SOUL. Never in my wildest imagination could I have guessed that I would be on a group chat experiencing your last moments of life on the earth. That morning (4th July) l tried to breathe for you while Patsy did CPR on your body. I hope that at the end you was aware of our presence and the love we all poured out to you. Although I am heartbroken at your sudden passing, I am comforted that you didn’t suffer long and that I was privileged to be with you at the end.

When I came to this country you and Angela welcomed me and my family into your hearts and home and we bonded over our love for the carnival artform. I continued my education and skills with your encouragement and support and you celebrated with me when I received my Bachelor’s and Masters Degrees in costume for performance. I declined your push to get the PhD otherwise we would have been on that journey too. 

I will miss you. You were a LION in the lives of my family as we shared so many fun and memorable occasions during work with DeCore and others. You were friend, colleague and mentor. I will treasure the memories of our shared experiences all my days. Safe travels my friend, love and light ALWAYS.


Shirley Awlma McDavid

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