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Vernon Shabaka Thompson

Mr. Vernon Thompson, popularly known as ‘Shabaka’, was a Cultural Leader with extensive experience in carnival, theatre, event management and production, working over three (3) decades in Canada, Trinidad, the United Kingdom and Africa. Up to the time of his transition, Shabaka was an Executive Director with Zmirage UK and an Artisan Consultant and Entrepreneur with De CORE Ltd, UK. He was an ardent carnival practitioner producing costumes for Notting Hill, Nottingham, Calabar (Nigeria) and Trinidad carnivals.

Together with Ashton Moore (aka The Mighty Tiger), Shabaka was instrumental in initiating the London Calypso Tent in partnership with the Association of British Calypsonians in 1992 (now ACASA). In 2004, he received an Arts Council Fellowship Award for two months study of the Miami Carnival and in 2005 he became the Acting CEO of the London Notting Hill Carnival.

As the Director of London’s leading African Combined Arts Centre, the Yaa Asantewaa Arts and Community Centre (London), Shabaka initiated and realised the Carnival Village project for the development and sustenance of Carnival Art in London and all its related industries, a project of which he was the initial Chief Executive.

Shabaka lectured in schools, colleges and universities, conducted Theatre in Education (TIE) workshops in primary and secondary schools across the United Kingdom, and presented papers at national and international Carnival Arts conferences. His theatre involvement included acting and directing, spanning various countries. Shabaka was in the process of completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Carnival Arts Studies, having previously attained his Master of Arts in Carnival Studies, both at The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT).

Shabaka’s ultimate vision was to contribute to the economic liberation of African people through empowerment, leadership, and the development of sustainable institutions and communities.

Shabaka is survived by his wife Angela, son Oba, mother Elise, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and extended family members.

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Theodora Ulerie

I’ve had the honor and privilege of working closely with my dearly beloved friend and brother, Shabaka Thompson. Our work together began in 1985 with performances and workshops as part of Baku Productions’ tour of schools, theatre venues and communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago, culminating in a three-day Seminar for teachers entitled ‘Drama Across the Curriculum.’ In 1986 we were part of an intense tour by Baku Productions, of schools and communities in London and the Northern Midlands. After the tour, Shabaka and Shango Baku remained in London and together with British Exchange teacher, Annie Cornbleet, they formed CETTIE (Cultral Exchange Through Theatre In Education) – a registered charity and the recipient of the prestigious Gulbenkian and Sainsbury awards among others.   We will forever be grateful for Shabaka’s service and his sterling contribution to the Carnival Arts and Culture. Indeed, they are etched in the annals of our nation’s history. Gone too soon. Never forgotten. My deepest condolences to his wife Angela, son Oba, brother Earl, Mother Elise and all the family …

Steve Roberts

A Clearing in de Forest A big Gommier fall in de forest de other day The ripples reach out an touch me Like de flapping wings of a million butterflies He seh don’t worry my brothers and sisters Ah going, ah gone to meet we Ancestors Ah done me time on dis here land So now ah going, ah gone to meet we Ancestors   Me life get touch by many An ah hope ah touch many lives positively too Now de fadder callin me Tellin me “come home son, come home an rest wid we We de ancestors you been glorifyin Promotin an workin wid Come an join we so you can have A new overstanding of de plan A new overstanding of de relationship Between us an dem dat remain on de lan   Hol tight my brothers and sisters Don’t weep doh mourn jus celebrate De time we did have togedder Selah! – SHABAKA T 🙏🏿 …

Niyi Coker

May his soul rest in perfect peace as he dances through the vestibule of ancestors to occupy his revered space. …

Lillian Amah-Aluko

Shabaka was a special man; friendly, down to earth and always upbeat. His huge warm smile lit up every space he entered and his positive outlook made him a pleasure to work with.  The management and staff of Zmirage Multimedia Limited are deeply saddened by his sudden and untimely departure from this life.Our deepest condolences go to his beloved wife Angela, his much loved son Oba,  the entire family as well as his many friends and colleagues.  We pray the light of God’s love illuminates his way home and may the grace of the Almighty comfort his loved ones. Amen🙏  …

Allan Francois

It is with a heavy heart that I send this message of condolence. Having met  Shabaka and working with him I got to  know a good human being uplifting when  You needed to be uplifted inspirational  when you needed to be inspired honest  when you needed to hear the truth he will  be sorely missed on this earth. May the most high Jah guide and protect  his family giving them the strength to endure this difficult time. May he rest  in peace.  Allan Francois and family. …

Peter Bernard and Bernard Family

It is with great saddness that the Bernard have heard the announcement of Shabbakas passing.We have known him and his family for several decades.We fondly remember his and our family working alongside one another in a number of projects in the Early days of carnival.During the yearly gala we would be hurriedly preparing our costumes alongside the band he was a member of as well as other bands.He seemed so spirited,enthusiastic and driven.   Our band also worked with him at such events as the Queens Jubilee,opening of the Millenium dome and the Denmark carnival where he was extremely helpful to us and the other bands taking part.I remember my late mother being impressed by his vision,It was alway fun to watch them chat and banter trini style whenever they met at various carnival events.My mother would often tell him to pray as he was doing a challenging job.   Shabbakas approach was verey much “We have arrived as a people we unite as a people and we are collectively a force to be reckoned with.The Bernard family would likevto thank him for the example the he has shown us as well as the unrelenting effort that he has made …

Steven and Louise Forsdyke.

    It’s with a heavy heart that we are sending our love and condolences to Angela and Oba at this sad time. What an amazing man to have come from so far and contributed so much to his community truly a wonderful man. To see Angela always with a smile on her face and Oba what a credit this young man is to his father. May the Lord comfort you both and lift your hearts when you think of Shabaka.  Love  Steve & Louise  …

Debora Alleyne De Gazon

Condolences to Elise, Angela, Oba and the rest of the family. May you all be granted comfort and support in this time of grief. This sudden departure of Shabaka from the earthly plane caught us off guard but I believe that as he gave up his body his spirit now journeys to a higher realm where he is at peace as he becomes part of the universe. Shabaka played an instrumental role in the life of my family and I when we came to settle in the UK and also during my creative journey in the UK. Although, he is no longer physically with us the conversations and other memories will remain in our hearts.  SIEP Vernon Shabaka Thompson …I will hear you and see you as I walk with nature 🕯️🕯️🕯️     …

Liz Connick

Dear Angela, Oba and family, So sorry for your loss. Your wedding to Shabaka with the crew from Elf Oil, was one of the most memorable, joyful and artistic occasions I have ever been to. It encapsulated the spirit of what Shabaka, and the Afro-Caribbean culture. May Shabaka’s spirit live on through you and Oba. May he rest in peace.  Liz, Peter and Ciara x …

Hank Coyote Wagner

Angela.  I am so sorry for your loss.  My wife, Sarver, and I met Shabaka when all of us were attending Central School of Speech and Drama in London back in 1987.  Partially because none of us were British, we all gravitated towards one another.   I credit him with helping me deal with the adjustment of moving far away from home.  We had all had some special times and very late nights together.    Shabaka was always a caretaker and one who looked out for others.  A complicated personality; he was as serious and passionate as he was silly and irreverent.   In the years to follow, Shabaka used his talent and passion to look after the children of the great African diaspora in every way that he could.  It was beautiful to see the leader he was growing in to. Shabaka could shake a room with his voice when excited.  He proudly called himself “loud and broad.”  This proved to be quite true.  But he was also kind, gentle and nurturing.  He will always be with us in our hearts and I would not be the man I am today without his influence.   He will be missed …