Richard (Dick) John Gibbs

Richard was my big brother. I was the second of 4 children, so for 5 years there was just the two of us.


Richard was born in Cheltenham, lived at Gloucester and before I was born they moved to Stroud. In the winter of 1947 we moved to Trebanog in Wales.


I have happy memories of trips to the seaside and picnics in the countryside with our Mum and Dad (6 of us in a Morris Minor)


In the school holidays Richard and myself used to go to Gloucester on our own to stay with my Mum’s family. My Dad used to put us on the train at Porth and my uncle would meet us at Gloucester Station. I often think of it as we weren’t all that old


Richard was always kind and generous, lending Ray and myself his car (once a brand new one) to go on holidays.


One time Richard came to see us. When he was leaving our house Ray said to him Richard your car is going and Richard said yes it’s o.k. since I had it fixed. Ray said no Richard your car is going. It was moving down our street which is on a slope. They both ran after it, luckily there were some young boys at the bottom who stopped it, otherwise it would have crashed into the garages.


When Ray was ill and had to go to hospital on consecutive days Richard insisted that we stayed with him to save Ray having to drive back and for. He came and took us to Cardiff and then looked after us, cooked for us and took us to all the appointments. He  was very caring and kind.


Happy Times. Lovely memories too many to tell. RICHARD YOU WILL BE SADLY MISSED. 











Rosemary Jones (Gibbs)

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