Richard (Dick) John Gibbs

Richard Gibbs or Dick as he was always known in my family was born in the same decade as myself but I only really knew him from the time he married my sister Diana. Returning from Bangladesh with three pre-school aged sons, he welcomed us all into their new home and let us “squat” in their back bedroom, which was furnished with a double bed, bunks and a single! Not fased by this invasion, he went on to have three children in an even shorter time than I did and adopted Sara offically! It is this generous nature and sense of fairness that I remember from this time and throughout the rest of his life. A few years later when we lived in Sudan, unasked, he kindly read and recorded the Hans Christian Anderson tales for my sons to listen to as media outlets there were limited. As a keen sports enthusiast there was plenty for them all to chat about in later years and they never came to blows, despite his support for England in rugby (which came from his links with Gloucestershire) and their support for Wales! Cricket was also a sport he enjoyed, a love of which he has passed on to his sons and mine and I know he spent many a happy retirement hour at Sophia Gardens, as short stroll from his home in Llandaff. If we stayed in Cardiff there would often be a quiz involved, where his wide breadth and depth of general knowledge would be aired. Both Dick and I had a love of folk music and often attended events together accross South Wales, with the last being in Uplands, Swansea to hear Richard Thompson. I last saw him in Cardiff when I came up on the bus and we met in town, it was evident then that age was creeping up on him and it is very sad that he should have passed from catching Covid19, which I am sure he would feel has not handled well politically! His philosophy was a humanitarian one and the one in which he led his life: putting it into practise and allowing all those around him to benefit from his generosity of spirit. He will be sorely missed by all those who knew him. Zena xx  

Zena James

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