Professor Neil Bulleid

I have worked in Neil’s lab for nearly 10 years now and I will truly miss, his leadership, friendship and his passion for science.

Neil had a huge amount of enthusiasm for the work within his research group, and was always keen to hear about the latest experiments and results. As a leader he was always very much involved in the work and yet he gave us the freedom to work independently and develop our projects as we saw fit. Neil was also a great source of knowledge, and was always routing through old lab books and papers to retrieve bits of relevant information that we would never find by ourselves.

Neil was never one to pause and dwell on the successes or failures that are part of scientific research, instead he was always looking to the future and enthusiastically, planning the next steps. He always seemed to make the most out of every day in the lab.

With his recent return to the lab bench it was great to see him get back to the nuts and bolts of experimental lab work, which he seemed to really love.

Neil will be greatly missed by all those who worked with him and the wider scientific community.

My thoughts are with his family at this most difficult time.

Philip Robinson

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