Velupillai Thedchanamoorthy


Vellupillai Thedchanamoorthy(my dear “Skinny Thatha”) was kind and generous man. Not only my grandfather,but teacher and a friend. Thatha instilled in me a fondness for education. He taught me to continue to learn everyday and strive to gain new knowledge and experiences. My first memory with Thatha was when I was just a young child. I would run through his house and sing nursery rhymes, and he would just look at me and smile. He was always so patient and kind with me. I remember the hilarious jokes he would make and laughing whole-heartedly with me in lounge room. I missed him dearly when we moved to Australia. The distance made it diffcult to keep in touch and I thought that we grew a part. I next saw him again when I was 18 years old and seeing him again felt so familiar and comfortable. It was like we were never apart. His humour definietly did not change, and he remained light-hearted and saw the funny side of everything. Sadly, I did not have the opportunity to visit Thatha after he moved to Australia and this is regret I will carry forever. I wish I was able to sit with him one last time,and enjoy his humor. I miss you and love you Skinny Thatha. May you Rest in Peace.


Ampikai Sivakaanthan

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