Velupillai Thedchanamoorthy

My Dear Thatha (“Skinny Thatha”),


I’ve been thinking about you a lot. 2021 has been a difficult year, and our hearts broke when you left. I keep thinking about our shared memories as they flood through my mind. But I take condolence in the warmth and happiness I remember from these moments, and I feel blessed by our time together. Out of all my memories, my favourite will always be your love for knowledge and teaching. I remember watching you teach English to your students as a young child, and I recall wishing I could grow up and do the same. Your students watched you with admiration and you always showed patience with them.  This imparted a drive for learning and curiosity through the family, and was carried for ongoing generations. You taught us to appreciate the world in a different way. You accomplished so much in your life but I respect how humble and modest you always were. A beautiful character. A kind and gentle soul.


Thatha, you were a man of few words, but when you spoke, we all listened. You had a calming nature, but were still incredibly funny and light-hearted. We long to hear your stories and laughter again. I miss you Thatha, and I wish I could see you once more.


May you rest in peace

Love Aarany

Aarany Sivakaanthan

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