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Rupert Bates

30th August 1956       17th January 2021

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I attended my first meeting at Ormond Road, Richmond sometime in 2010 and came to realise that Rupert always had something magical and articulate to share. It’s why I came back to meetings time and time again. The words that came from his sharing were poetic and often left you pondering and wanting more. What …


Frank Ogle

Ah, Master Rupert …… Always in my heart Love to all who laughed , cried, and sang with Rupert. What do we do now the party has gone? …


Adrian K

Dear Rupert,   Thank you for all your incredible years of service, wisdom, kindness and smiles. You always brightened a room and brought laughter to it wherever you went. Rest in peace x In fellowship. …

Adrian King

Euan Macnaughton

I am a lucky man to have known and spent good quality time with Rupert. Of course, I am deeply sadened by his death and feel cheated that I didn’t have the chance to say good bye. There is nothing much that I can add that has not already been said. I’ll try.   It …

desmond mccarthy

Kristian B

Dear Rupert, Thank you for always being at the Tuesday  meeting with a warm welcome and your booming eloquence, especially in my early days. For being present and taking the time to share your joy and practicable wisdom, it gave me hope and kept me coming back. Yours was a quality of sobriety I wanted. I …

desmond mccarthy

Ayleen Lapper

My Dear Rupert,  I hadn’t know you that long but in the time I have spent with you at Raynes Park, you made a huge impression on me. You are a fountain of wisdom & I absolutely loved listening to you share. You radiate happiness & gratitude 🙏 I don’t think I’ve met a …

desmond mccarthy

Rachael Pinder

Rupert was a lovely man, who had so much enthusiasm for the AA 12 Step programme and such a sunny disposition. I will miss his sharing and, in particular, his use of the word “extraordinary” to describe the benefits of sobriety in AA. He was truly an extraordinary person, and I am so sorry …

desmond mccarthy

Nigel McNeill-Moss

Dear Rupert, I remember you very well. ‘Back in the day’ when most meetings were gas light and we were all as keen as mustard and fellowship laughter resonated everywhere, largely innated by your jokes, warmth, levity and good example. Rupert, you were always a good egg and I remember you very fondly. Also, …

Nigel McN-M

Sarah Browne (Wimbledon)

Dear Rupert,  God rest your beautiful soul.  I first met you at Kingston Hill many years ago and you were a wonderful part of my journey.  Thank you for all you did to help so many. Rest in peace lovely man. Sarah B xxx …



Thank you, dear Rupert, for your enthusiasm, love and service over many years. May your spiritual aeroplane carry your blessed soul to the stars and the infinite love of your own God. …

desmond mccarthy


Dear Rupert, Thank you for your service throughout the years. Even though I never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I will always remember you. May God bless you and your family. Jasmine  …

desmond mccarthy

Gary C

I attended my first meeting at Ormond Road, Richmond on Tuesday 26th January 2010 with an overwhelming desire to take a drink after the meeting. Rupert was secretary at that meeting. I don’t remember much about the meeting itself in terms of who was doing the chair or their content. I now know that …

desmond mccarthy


Love you Roops you were one in a million God Speed my friend ❤️ …

desmond mccarthy

Alison C

Rupert was such a shining example for everyone in the rooms – so bright, so enthusiastic, so sincere, always ready to help out and reach out. He was such a wonderful character with his twinkling blue eyes, his magnificent moustache and his ready smile. He will be missed by so many but never forgotten. …


John Cowper

This is very sad news and from my side very unexpected as Rupert was always so cheerful, positive and full of life – moreover, he had perfect manners and was a gentleman through and through.  I knew him more than 20 years and we never had a bad word – on the contrary. Sincerest …


Liam Collard

Thank you Rupert, When i first arrived in the fellowship you were there to greet me with a huge smile and i remember vividly regularly talking about life, recovery and the fellowship on Tuesday evenings in Nando’s Richmond at the meeting after the meeting. I’m not sure i ever told you how much your …

desmond mccarthy


Rupert was a kind, cheerful, positive and thoughtful  gentleman, who was always ready to give a helping hand to the still suffering alcoholic. He was my sponsor Alex’s sponsor for many years and became a very important part of my own early years of recovery, especially at the Friday Hampton Wick meeting. His encouraging, …

desmond mccarthy

Matt P

  Rupert’s energy and enthusiasm for recovery was so powerful that you couldn’t help but feel positive and hopeful in his company. He helped so many of us in our early days and was such an inspiring figure that showed sober life was meant to be lived and enjoyed. If we continue to share …

desmond mccarthy


Rupert was at the very start of my journey in AA some 5 years ago and I will always remember him for his kindness, spirituality, passion and energy for AA, his service and commitment which made a lasting impression in AA and recovery. It is not hard to believe all the wonderful and amazing …

desmond mccarthy

Izabela and Maciek

Rupert was always there for us with a smile and cheerful word. He had a wonderful voice, message and beautiful stories to share, and we often quoted his shares to help others on the same path. He has and he will have an impact on people he has never met, all over the world. …

Izabela and Maciek


“We are not a glum lot” is what springs to mind when I think of Rupert. His enthusiasm (as the eloquent Jeremy would always say),  ‘en’ is from ‘in or within’ and ‘thuse’ is ‘from God’, was the spirit which he bought to his recovery and his passion for life.  Those early days of his …

desmond mccarthy

Artur Ealing

Rupert was one of those people who had important part in my wellbeing. He was always helpful and very kind to me. I believe that he will be rewarded by our almighty for his actions. He is greatly missed. …

desmond mccarthy

Big Alanna

What a wonderful man. Every time we met you made me smile being my sponsors sponsor I’ve been sober a number of years now you gave a kind loving message from the heart  your friends and family are so proud of you. For me you’ll always be in the rooms x …

Big Alan


I’ve met Rupert nearly two years ago in Richmond, where he welcomed me with a smile and a kind word. Since then his big-heartedness towards others has never stopped to surprise me. He was one of the most approachable, caring, and spiritual guys I’ve ever met. I will forever remember his Shakespeare quotes: “…some …


Johm C

Rupert You literally guided me into the program  of AA Like a Lighthouse to my storm. Your Charismatic and energtic love of recovery was not a thespian.act that you were adept at, but a true act of Kindness and generosity of Human spirit. I will miss you when I’m next back in the Tuesday …

desmond mccarthy

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