Dear Rupert

I attended my first meeting at Ormond Road, Richmond on Tuesday 26th January 2010 with an overwhelming desire to take a drink after the meeting. Rupert was secretary at that meeting. I don’t remember much about the meeting itself in terms of who was doing the chair or their content. I now know that it was suggested that I listen out for the similarities and not the differences although I didn’t understand that concept at all. But what happened after the meeting would change my life forever. Rupert, and a few others, approached me and asked for my telephone number. Nobody had wanted that for a goodly while and the arrogance in me thought that those guys could obviously see some potential in me, perhaps I could be of value to them? It turns out that that very thought would be true but not in the way I thought! Rupert said something along the lines of “my sponsor has suggested that it would help keep me sober if I can have your number and keep in touch with you.” He did that. But before I went home that evening he helped me identify what an alcoholic was. I knew then that I was one and that I was in the right place. I left for home with another obsession – an obsession to not pick up that first drink. Rupert guided me into sponsorship with one of his sponsees; I now know why. I am eternally grateful that God got me to my first meeting and He put the right people in my path that night. You know, the scientists talk about the R rate in terms of Covid-19. But the R rate (Rupert rate) in recovery is one thing that is a sad loss to the fellowship of AA. God bless you my friend, you met your maker sober. Much love to you and the family left behind

Gary C

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