Rupert Bates

I am a lucky man to have known and spent good quality time with Rupert. Of course, I am deeply sadened by his death and feel cheated that I didn’t have the chance to say good bye. There is nothing much that I can add that has not already been said. I’ll try. 

 It was his voice that I was was aware of before him. I was sitting head bowed in a meeting in Richmond, probably feeling sorry for myself, and this voice with such clarity, great diction and self deprecating humour caught my attention. He, amongst others, saught me out at the end of the meeting and offered me hope and friendship. It was all a bit much I remember but I returned. So it obviously wasn’t too much. I am now sober for almost 14 years.

 Rupert gave me labouring and painting work just when it was needed most. I was broke.

Years after our first meeting Rupert and I would meet once a week to write together. We created something which we felt was pretty good. We have pitched it to different parties over the years unfortunately without success. No matter. It meant I got to spend good quality time with a wonderful,talented,warm, generous spirited human being. I am a lucky man. I am a sad man.  

Euan Macnaughton

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