Memories of


Rosalie Coopman

10 July 1932 – 31 October 2020

Much loved friend 
 musician, composer 
 mother, grandmother 
 and much, much more…

You will be greatly missed

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Rosalie, this is not goodbye. You will be always in my heart. You are my best friend and confidant and I am happy we have shared so many happy memories together. Thank you for your friendship. I will miss you so much! Rest in peace, my dear Rosalie…I know we will meet again. Love …

Andrew Rosenthal

Neill Ross

I remember above all my aunt Rosalie’s great intelligence, her unquenchable curiosity and her keen engagement in conversation: it was never her opinion that mattered but what you thought. My memories of her span those of a small boy almost seventy years ago to our tea-time chat just a few months ago when she …

Andrew Rosenthal


Rosalie My Aunt, my Friend, my Godmother, Icon and above all my Inspiration  Always Melissa  Rosalie …


Caroline Groves

I feel privileged to have called Rosalie a friend. We met in 2003 when I took over T.Savva, shoemakers on Chiltern Street. Rosalie was a client and Tony Savva introduced us. Between then and now I have been a regular visitor to Rosalie at Clarence Terrace, initially fitting shoes but over time building a …

Andrew Rosenthal


Rosalie hated being photographed and would tense up. In this is picture, taken in a recording studio, she has been caught unaware. The following  autobiographical text comes from SoundCloud where you can listen to some of her compositions. Born in London in 1932. Rosalie Coopman began composing as a child and during those precocious …

Andrew Rosenthal

Charlotte Salmon

Rosalie was a dear friend from the time that our children were young to the present when,alas due to illness, we were unable to meet. I always admired Rosalie’s wonderful spirit in good and difficult times. She had great courage and a lovely nature. She was a very special person. With love Charly Salmon …

Andrew Rosenthal

Michael (Miguel)

I wil always miss our chats and walks after our music sessions, so many years of meeting every week, having the example of her indomitable spirit and formidable willpower. My dear friend and musical co-conspirator. Not only just a few weeks ago she won a 1st prize in composition but achieved the greatest accolade …

Andrew Rosenthal

Toni Salmon

I have a memory of Rosalie playing paino in the Saturday Morning Music Group and telling us children to “Listen carefully to the rhythm”  I liked to see Rosalie’s bony hands on those piano keys. Later in my 20’s, Rosalie was an attentive and kind listener at a difficult time. She showed me how …

antonia salmon


Rosalie, My Aunt, my godmother (and fairy godmother at times when things went wrong in my life.) She was a fascinating woman, kind, complex and an artist.  The kind of woman I admire. I will always remember her with love. …

Andrew Rosenthal

Nathalie Franks

Rosalie had an indomitable spirit. As her friend and hairdresser for twenty years, there are so many wonderful memories that I will treasure. Her compassion and sense of fun enriched my life and will be remebered forever. Rest in peace. Love Nathalie …

Andrew Rosenthal


I wanted you to share my best memory of Aunty Rosalie.  When I was about 14 she took me to see West Side Story live in the West End.  It is the only musical that I have loved  and will never forget the dance of the Jets in perfect time with each other as …

Andrew Rosenthal

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