Julia Mckenzie

The Additional Learning Support Team worked very closely with Julia. She was conscientious and, though she managed the applications of thousands of new incoming students, would not allow a reply to a student, parent or carer to go unanswered. In fact, she would chase up on their behalf, mindful of allaying any fears. 

I often met Julia at the end of the day as she was often one of the last out of work. She was michievious and always up for a laugh. She once managed to frighten the life out of me crossing the road outside of college while driving past and shouting some funny comment when I least expected it. I got her back though.

I still can seee her outside her office on the main thoroughfare of the college. This was very much her domain. She was a big personality and she will be missed. 

The photo is our animal print homage.  

Richard Dwyer

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