Sarah Elizabeth Curr

I knew Sarah through my friendship with Poppy and Kim. 
I have always gravitated towards unique, fun people who are unafraid to take life by the horns and play. 
I remember us all chatting after a few drinks and talking about how much we loved the sun and being on holiday, after I had sobered up I was sat on a plane speeding towards Tenerife. I remember looking over at Sarah my travel companion and wondering how the hell I was now going on holiday and how would we get on as we didn’t know each other well at all. I briefly pondered about what we would find to talk about and then the holiday and the whirlwind that was Sarah’s infectious personality, and irrepressible sense of fun kicked in. 
My most treasured memory of this holiday was how much we talked, laughed and raised all sorts of daftness even though we had bagged a cheap deal and the tourist season had not kicked in. Sarah was very much like the sun you couldn’t help but be taken in by her presence and energy she was so full of life, mischief, and fun. I remember how we had gone to a local bar that was having an off night. Yet despite this quiet and deserted place, Sarah brought the fun. We had a great heart-to-heart, put the world to rights, enjoyed a private rendition of the musician’s latest songs, and started to unofficially work behind the bar. Staggering back to the hotel the crazy paving got the better of us both and we both ended up collapsing in a dishevelled and laughing heap. On inspection, Sarah had sprained her ankle and this started the drama of trying to find the hotel rep who luckily for Sarah was a young lad who was easy on the eye. She proceeded to run the poor boy ragged as he had to fetch carry and call various people to get Sarah the medical attention she needed. I remember her drawing a line around her swollen ankle and taking photos for proof that she needed crutches urgently. I remember the end of the holiday came and I needed a week to sleep it off. A holiday that I won’t forget thank you for the laughs and for welcoming me into the microcosm of your energy fun and spirit of adventure Sarah. I definitely needed a holiday to get over my holiday! I am sure you are keeping everyone very entertained and happy in the afterlife. Thank you for the giggles you will be missed. 

Sarah, Pop and Rachel

Rachel Carlyon Guy

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