Alastair Porter

Alastair – or Grandpop as he shall always be known to me, was a wonderful and loving presence throughout my life. 

One of my favourite memories is talking to him and my Granny Jenny on the phone and them both insisting on being on the phone to us simultaneously – they couldn’t possibly take it in turns! 

More recently I loved getting regular emails from him where he decided he would relay his life story to his grandchildren. I read his stories with such fascination and was delighted he shared them with us. 

In the last year I was lucky enough to watch him become a great grandfather to my cousins little boy (Eric) and my own son, Magnus. It was wonderful to watch them together, so entranced by each other. They both made each other smile and I’m so glad that they could meet and enjoy each other. 

I will miss you terribly Grandpop. How lucky I am to have had you in my life for my 31 years. 


Rachael Collins

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