Sarah Elizabeth Curr


Sarah, thank you for for the precioius momoents from Exter, Bristol, Cornwall, London, Reading, China and Barcelona.  I miss you for all the mad laugh, talk, singing, dancing, moaning, giggling and crying maybe.   You had left a void in many people’s heart.  Rest in peace.  

The main photo was a stunning shot of Sarah in Reading Festival.  This was our glourious Rock Chick days.  We believed we were cool, young, carefree and Rock! The photo below was when we went back to China.  Another memorable trip.  

Here is the Plant story which I would like to share.  Kim said, Sarah loved social occasions.  She would split into two if she could, to be part of every social gathering. It was my flat warming party.  Sarah brought a nice plant as the flat warming present.  She explained the plant would bring good Feng Sui and lovely green scene to the flat.  I was grateful for the lovely idea and she being so thoughtful.  The plant looked familiar however I didn’t think more of it.  Then the morning after came, I noticed there were a lot of mud in the flat.  It was stranger however it was not the worst thing after a night of party.  As I was cleaning the floor.  I realized the mud was from the plant.  The plant was in a plastic bag, not in a pot.  Sarah confessed she got the plant from the car park downstairs because it would be rude to come empty handed.  We took the plant back down.  As we were busy covering up the evidence, my neighbour came and asked what we were doing.  We had to say we were helping the plants as they didn’t look too good. Fortunately there was no more plant reported missing after in the neighbourhood.



Poppy Wilson

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