Diane Cousin's - Wales First Lady Comedy and Song Who Entertained The World


I’m so very sad in  the passing of Diane cousins  !

not only a legend of comedy and song 

a great performer and the First Lady of welsh comedy . ! she was my friend, kind , helpful in so many ways ! she was a superstar to me ,  in Wales and across the globe . Wherever she went she was loved . diane helped me at the beginning of my career in Jersey and presented me with the Best Comedian Award 1993 ,

which Diane had won umpteen times 15 times I think she supported me on the cruises when I needed help ! She was always there !  Diane to me was the pinnacle in entertainment and was in awe watching her perform , she put audiences at ease they loved her …. a true natural performer and learned so much from her . God bless lovely lady they all tried to  copy you but alas no one ☝️ could ! I’m gonna miss you big time ! until me meet again

lots of love x

Phil Doyle


Phil Doyle

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