Richard Michael Goodman

Rob & family

I have spent a long time wanting to express my thoughts to you about your dad.

Actually suddenly it became easy to clarify what I wanted to say.

There is obviously something that is a Goodman gene and that is about supporting others and giving something back.

Your Dad and I met as governor and teacher and it soon became clear to me that he was there to support and not judge. As someone, who like you has spent, I would like to think, a huge amount of my life wanting to support others it became clear why he came to Chantry High School. Now in another life I think it is fair to say I see his son doing just that on a daily basis and I hold you in awe as someone who constantly strives to support those around them for so many reasons.

I am sorry I cannot be with you, Ange and the boys today but I will take a moment to pause and reflect on the life of such a gracious man who must also be so proud of his son.

Thinking of you all.

Paul Essenhigh

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