Rod Newman

For my family, Rod Newman is such an inspiration, having lived such a fantastic life.  One of my favourite memories is my wife Faye and I spending a few days sailing under Captain Rod and Margaret, as friends of John and Helen.  Despite John and my attempts to sail directly into storm fronts and panic in any conditions, it was clear we were in the hands of a Master who had seen it all before many times. Rod even dragged me out of bed at random times to make adjustments to the boat, I suspect to check I had what it takes to meet his standards as a ‘Day Skipper’.  He told me when determining if someone qualifies, he is not looking at whether they can read a map or tie a knot, but whether he would be comfortable with the student taking his own family out on a boat. That certainly raised the bar.  I am pleased to say that John and I met these high standards on that trip. Sailing for me will always bring back great memories of Rod Newman.  All our love from the FitzGibbon family to the Newmans.

Mike FitzGibbon

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