Rod Newman

Cassie and Rod

Rod plays by Korean RulesI didn’t have a father figure growing up. That changed the moment I met Rod. He told me I was his wild card the day I got interviewed for MASUAS. Rob Pickering and Phil Boundy were adament I wasn’t a fit. Over the next few years, Rod guided me and built my confidence in that subtle way of his. Exposing us young adults to adventures, the likes of which we’d never known – driving to The Alps via La Champs Elysees, sailing in the BVIs, slaughtering chickens in the dead of night in some godforsaken forest. His wonderful mix of discipline and laughter, the Dennis Healey eyebrows, the permanent onion breath. It was an honour and a privilege to have been in your constellation, Rod. You were my North star.

Claire, Rod and Cassie

Rod and Cassie

Cassie Goldman

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