Nigel John Pickering

I first met Nigel when he joined Laystalls surgery with Kate Badcock and David Charles in 1987, but got to know him properly when our surgeries were merged into Gable House awhile later. I had the great good fortune to be paired with Nigel for evening and weekend rotas, so inevitably we spent time together after surgeries discussing clinical problems, practice gossip and the foibles 0f our patients – as all doctors do! Laughter featured strongly and I always felt so much happier after these debriefing sessions. Nowadays I suspect it would be said to be good for our mental health!

What made Nigel such a good doctor? His intelligence and education combined to help him as a diagnostician. His calmness, patience and thoeoughness made him a true advocate for his patients, and his unfailing compassion helped so many patients cope with chronic illness.

The cruel irony of his last illness, which he bore with characteristic fortitude and patience, must have been so hard for Janet and his beloved family to bear. Nobody had earned a happy retirement more, in which, being Nigel, he had started a new career as an artist.

I shall always remember his wonderful smile, bestowed upon everyone he met. He was a true friend. I am only sorry that moving 200 miles north prevented us from meeting more often.

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Mike Brummitt

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