Helen McAree


I met Helen in 2009 at then Brixton Children’s Centre (now called Liz Atkinson). It was induction day for our new roles as Outreach Workers. The room was full and we were excited to learn what our new jobs entailed. At break time, I went for a walk outside and as I passed a car, I heard a knock on the window, it was Helen and Claire Hudson. Helen beckoned for me to come and sit with them. That was it, we became work colleagues and friends from that day on. Fast forward a few years later, Helen became my manager and we both thought this change may affect our friendship, but it didn’t, if anything it sparked a different relationship!

I’ll explain… 

I loved my work supporting families and being part of an amazing team! but there were areas I would doubt myself, but Helen would not have any of it! she did everything to support my learning, encouraged me to strive and become better, she would gently push me out of my comfort zone and all with patience, kindness, time, care and understanding. We worked closely together on a number of projects together, where we delivered parenting courses with amazing outcomes. This is something I am so very proud off in my career and that is all due to Helen believing in me. Helen was a major part of my working achievements! 

I will miss our texts, chats, meeting up for coffee & cake and occasional glass of wine (or two) but most of all I will miss our exchange of photos of her beautiful children and my grandchildren! 

It is an honour to have called Helen my manager friend! Xxx


Maria Morton

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