Nick Kilhams

I have so many fond memories of Nick, all of which relate to his intensely kind nature. At the start of 2020 I started a new job setting up a new broking office in London on my own after 9 years spent as part of much loved team at JLT. A terrifying change at any time let alone starting at the same time as the country locked down. Nick called me almost every fortnight during the first lockdown to check I was I was ok working on my own in such a strange environment. Just knowing I had someone like him looking out for me made an extremely tough time so much easier. I will also fondly remember the times Nick visited Singapore whilst I was living there working for JLT. He always found time in his schedule to meet up and check how things were going. Lastly, when both of us were travelling to a Chaucer colleague’s wedding in New York a couple of years ago, he even kindly offered for me to sit with him and Catherine on the plane so I didn’t need to travel on my own. Unluckily for me my ticket was unfortunately for a different part of the plane!! Just complete and utter generosity in all his actions. How missed he will be, but always so fondly remembered. xxx

Lucy Drummond Brady

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