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Nick Kilhams

Tragically, Nick Kilhams committed suicide in May 2021. His family and friends knew nothing of the struggle he had wrestled with for many years. Nick was widely known and respected as a leading credit and political risk underwriter in the London Market for almost 25 years. Many have commented on his larger than life character, the way he lit up a room with his unmissable laugh and loud voice. But more than that, he was so kind, caring and professional, always happy to go the extra mile and to contribute.

This e-book (which will be provided as a hardback book to Nick’s family) is an opportunity for his friends and colleagues to record any messages of remembrance about Nick.

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Leigh Allen

I find it hard to believe that somebody who was so full of life, energy, and fun is no longer with us.  We always knew when Nick had entered the office with his distinctive booming laugh and he always made every LMA meeting, whether as Chairman or Panel member, lively and interesting.  As has …

David Powell

Ken Curtis

I’ve known Nick for 18 years. Absolutely top bloke. Good fun and unfailingly enthusiastic about his specialist area. This is so very sad for his family and friends. He will be missed by all who knew him.  …

David Powell

Patrick Davison

Nick was unfailingly warm, open, engaging and professional. He had a natural ability to light up a room with his presence and infectious laugh. While he was capable of intelligently articulating his own opinion he worked hard to ensure that everyone’s views were heard. Receiving the news was such a shock and I hope …

David Powell

Nick Ollerenshaw

Nick K…I still cannot get my head around this. Very few people make the kind of mark that you did and the tributes on these pages bear ample witness to the esteem and fondness in which you are held by so many of us who have been blessed to work with you over the …

David Powell

Lucy Drummond Brady

I have so many fond memories of Nick, all of which relate to his intensely kind nature. At the start of 2020 I started a new job setting up a new broking office in London on my own after 9 years spent as part of much loved team at JLT. A terrifying change at …

David Powell

Timo Zacharias

I am so sorry to hear about Nick. I still can’t believe it. He was such a great person and I always enjoyed talking to him. He will deeply be missed! I feel so sorry for his family´s loss. Please accept my sincere condolences. …

David Powell

John MacKinnon

Nick was one of the first underwriters I met in Lloyd’s when I joined the CPRI market.  From a distance he cut quite an imposing figure but it normally wasn’t long before the chuckle emerged and then his commentary of an amusing experience would be accompanied to the very end by his big belly …

David Powell

Olivia Wright

It is sheer testament to Nick’s personality the number of wonderful stories and sentiments that people have already contributed here. On one of my very first client trips as a young underwriting assistant to Vienna, I will never forget arriving at the airport feeling slightly nervous about the whole thing – before I knew …

David Powell

Julian Edwards

Like so many, I cannot get my head around this. You had such a sense of fun and always filled the room with laughter, you were simply a great bloke. I have so many good memories from working together in the late 90’s,  the bars of Tashkent, relying on your Russian, watching CFC together …

David Powell

Sharon Grover

Nick was a gentle man and a gentleman…  Even though I left the industry more than 10 years ago, I have many fond memories of broking to Nick.  I was shocked and saddened to hear the news and my thoughts go out to his family and friends at this very sad time.  I know …

David Powell

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