Dylan Rich

Firstly I would just like to say that my thoughts and prayers goes out to Anna, Mike and Lucy on tbis very difficult time and also to Dylan’s further family who we all want to make aware that there is support for them everywhere as I know many people have been affected by this tragic loss. Asides from Dylan’s incredivle sporting abilities, he meant so much to many many people and that is a tribute to how amazing Dylan was as a person. Caring, funny and diligent are just a few words to describe an incredible person who will not only be missed by me but many others who will now feel as if there is a missing peice in everyday life. Personally he was a huge asset to my life whether that was throigh football, school or socially and I will miss Forest with you but we will make sure your voice and presence is heard home and away. However much I hated it when you would drag me on a lockdown run, I would do anything to take that opportunity back when you asked me to go on a half marathon with you and I said no because I was too tired so that I could have one more run with you. You were a big influence on many peoples lives and I want to reiterate that everyone affected has support all around them. Every time we now step on that pitch and I speak for everyone there on that Thursday night as well as Cosmos, we will be playing for you and hopefully making u proud. RIP Dylan❤️ You will forever be remembered and missed and you will continue to live on in so many people’s thoughts❤️


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