Dr Antonella Palmieri

My heart has absolutely broken with the news that you’re no longer with us.

I remember meeting you on your very first day at Lincoln and was instantly in awe of your character. Full of laughs, jokes and just consideration to everybody you ever crossed paths with. To say you never directly taught me but always had time to stop and speak, catch up over open days and was always interested and supportive in anything I told you I was up to, even after graduation speaks volumes about you!

The world has a big hole in it with you gone. They don’t make people as lovely and as wonderful as you anymore. I truely am broken and would like to wish all the love and support to your close family and friends.

I don’t use the word legend very often, but you truely were one. Forget just Lincoln, the world is a worse off place without you with us. 

Emily x

Emily Cowlishaw

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