Helen McAree


I met Helen 15 years ago in 2008 when we both joined Rosendale Children’s Centre when it was still just a few bricks.

I learnt a lot from Helen in my early days about family support and care, she was so sensitive to families and her support was unwavering and changed lives, she was always on hand to give advise and solutions no matter what it was or how difficult it may have been. Her selfless devotion to her work was an inspiration and example to us all,  When she walked into a room, the faces of those present were lit up, and her magnificent smile would calm nerves and put people at ease.

We worked together side by side for more  than 12 years, and we became really good friends, I remember when she revealed that she was pregnant with Charlie and Noah she handed me an envelope with two childcare application forms in it, I opened it and screamed almost falling off my chair we both cried a little I just knew how amazing she would be as a mummy.

After Helens diagnoses, and treatment started I was worried about how she would manage with the boys and a new born baby and when I visited her at home I was in such awe of her, she was just ‘getting on with it’ playing with the children, cooking dinner and of course pouring me wine, in true Helen fashion nothing fazed her.

Helen helped me through some of my darkest days, she was so supportive in everything I did and for that I am truly grateful.


I love you millions Helen x

Charlene James

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