Dharam (Dibble) Dabb

Myself and Dharampal have been friends for over 35 years, all through school, growing up on the birds estate and years and years of great times with football for LCFC ❤️

Although he had many different people that knew him in many different ways, he will always be “Dibble” to me and our group of friends.

Growing up in our group we all loved sports, but football was always our main passion, if we weren’t playing football on the estate, we were over the school or playing for our Sunday team, Lewsey Centre Football Club, all together.

Dharamapal (as he was to us then) was always loud and proud about his team he supported…which at this time was ‘Luton Town’… bet you didn’t know that!

Well Dharamapal being Dharamapal, was being loud and showing off one day when he was having a go as goalkeeper whilst we had a kick around.

We were all firing shots at him, and somehow he was managing to keep most of them from smashing off of the garage door that we were playing up against!

Of course after every save he got louder and louder, and more cocky and full of himself.

He was so happy with himself that he then started pretending he was the Luton town hero goalkeeper “Andy Dibble” who was famous for coming in for the injured first choice goalkeeper and saving a penalty which won Luton Town their first major trophy (this was a massive thing in our childhood and for Luton at the time) –

‘Arguably the finest moment of his career was saving a Nigel Winterburn penalty in the 1988 League Cup Final at Wembley, as Luton beat Arsenal 3–2 to win their first major trophy. Luton were 2–1 down with only ten minutes of the game left when Dibble, standing in for the injured Les Sealey, made the save.’

Well that was that! Not only had he named himself, it also sounded incredibly funny to us all to call him Dibble Dabb, or Dibb Dabb (which was a sweet at the time, all we all know his love for sweets!) and of course it was much easier to say than Dharamapal so…Hence forth “DIBBLE” was born!

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s wasn’t easy! We fought, we laughed but we always loved each other like brothers and the love we all had for each other and the passion we all shared for football and our team, made a small diverse bunch of lads from Lewsey Farm grow into a strong team of brothers that still to this day, 30 plus years, are in each others lives.

There are so many funny stories and memories from growing up as kids, from Dibble being the only child in school to have more facial hair than the teachers, to us shaving half of his manly moustache off whilst on a football tour (he was not happy).

To going his entire school life spending his dinner money, every single day, at the ‘Toni Bell’ Ice cream van and giving out cherry drops to everyone.

The haircuts, the oversized school jumpers, the cheek, the new found love for Liverpool FC after ditching Luton when they got crap! lol

Dibble was always one of the loudest, cheekiest people you could hope to meet and he was ALWAYS on the wind up….He had this down to a fine art, even back then!

He was known for always trying to get people so wound up and upset with him to a point they would be pissed off, JUST so he could laugh that funny “Dibble Laugh” and give you that cheeky wink and say “you know I’m only messing” a give you a big cuddle. He was such an infectious character and this is why he was so well loved by us all.


Over the years we all grew, left school and went our own ways into the world, but we were all always there one the phone, to help each other out when needed and Dibble was no exception. We all went to him many many times over the years during his successful working career for help, and he would always help you out if you could in any way he could.

He never changed, not once, he always managed to talk about himself in the third person no matter what the scenario  “Come to Dibble man, I’ll sort it for you”…. “You don’t know about Dibble bruv”

Well, we all knew about Dibble…and we are all better people for it!

As well as talking about himself (which he did a lot) and being proud of himself (and rightly so) his biggest pride was ALWAYS his Family. My heart and love goes out to you all at this dreadful time and I am so sorry for you loss.

Dina and Dylan, he loved you both more than anything in this world and he was so proud of the family you had all made together.

He was so immensely proud of his biggest and best achievement in the world, Dylan.

Dylan hopefully in time you will get to hear all the good stories about how your Daddy was growing up, how funny and caring and the wonderful person that he truly was.

I can tell you that he was so incredibly proud of you and loved you more than anything in this world. He talked about you constantly and would always update me on your football, and was so proud of how well you are doing at school and especially in maths.

We always talked about Dilly and what he was doing, and you could see the pride in his face and hear it in his voice every single time ❤️

Dina and Dylan he lives on in you both and please know his friends will always be here for you. Hopefully we can serve as a reminder of your husband and father and how great a man he was and how much he was loved by all

All my love, Ashely xxx

Ashley John

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