Dharam (Dibble) Dabb

I knew Dibble from Halyard High School. Dibble was one of the popular members of the school. He was liked then (and still today) by so many. I remember his silky football skills. He had skills! He was a quality player and I always thought he would be professional one day. 

Leaving school, I moved away and lost touch with a lot of friends from school. It was only later on after college days we bumped into each other at T&H Autos, where we got re-united again and it was like old times. He helped me out so many times with my cars and even my family and friends cars. I always loved to haggle and could see Dibbles face when I walked in…”Not Chet again lol”. But we did have some good banter at T&H with his staff and Mitz. They were good times I’ll never forget…

Then we both got married and I moved away to Milton Keynes and we didn’t see each other that much (my fault) and were meant to meet up a few years ago after a Ashley’s birthday party but that didn’t happen and I am truly gutted.

Dibble – Over the last few years we didn’t keep in contact that much and I am sorry. You were a great friend and I will always remember what you’ve done for me. 

Rest in peace brother. You were gone too soon. My prays and thoughts are with you and your family.



Chet Chudasama

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