Advocate Karen McKenzie

You have left a great blank in Marlborough House and the Commonwealth

Thank you Advocate Karen for your colleagial and empowering character

     For your intellect and generosity

    Gentle, encouraging and delightful

In my islands of Tonga, we say

   “The bloom is broken but its aroma lingers”

   “Mapaki e faa kae ‘alaha hono tu’u’anga”

Folau aa Karen Farewell Karen

Garcinia sessilis, known as heilala in Tongan, is Tonga's national flower - an evergreen tree native to the Pacific region. The red-blossomed heilala is a flower that signifies high ranking in anga faka-Tonga and  is commonly referred to in Tongan legends, songs, dance, and poetry as a symbol of fakaʻapaʻapa (respect) and ʻofa (love).  n



Amelia Kinahoi-Siamomua

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