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Wullie Glennon

Wullie was with the Briggs family for 33 years, working in the Cumbernauld office which he was heavily involved with establishing.  Following a very successful period running the workshop activities, Wullie moved into the IT team in 2006, providing support to many locations.  A further period of focused support was given to the Scottish Region in 2012 as it expanded and more recently being heavily involved in the Digital Transformation project. 

Wullie was an extremely helpful person, willing to help and support everyone he came into contact with. Wullie was a personal friend of many, as well as a work colleague, who always had a big broad smile on his face, no matter the task he was undertaking.

So many people have expressed such warm memories and feelings for Wullie and he will be greatly missed, please record your memories and stories of your time with Wullie.

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Ruth Thurstance

I was deeply shocked and saddened to hear of Wullie’s passing, he was truly valued at Briggs and will be greatly missed.  Unlike some I had not had the pleasure of knowing Wullie for long but I will never forget his passion, the strength of his beliefs and most importantly his big smile that …


In  more recent times I recall Wullie always enjoying a challenge of the small man challenging the big company and the rules as was the case in one of our many stays in Cannock, we had great times with the staff Wullie managed to get a bespoke menu for us to enjoy rather than …

Jez Howell

Wullie always called me boss since 2006 – It never felt like that was right as we were always great mates, I have no idea how many miles we travelled together or how many meals we ate with fantastic colleagues one thing that will always stick in my mind will be how proud he …

Jenny Clarke

Wullie Glennon I am going to miss that cheeky big smile and that  wonderful caring person that he was, as everyone has said nothing was too much trouble, if you needed help he would be the go to person and if he did not know it, he would point you in right direction.  It …

Kenny Ritchie

Loved having a gid blether with Wullie always made me laugh. “When you walk through a storm, Hold your head up high, And don’t be afraid of the dark, at the end of a storm, there’s a golden sky, And the sweet silver song of a lark. Walk on through the wind, Walk on …

Gary Duncan

I was deeply saddened to hear of Wullie’s passing. Wullie was the kind of guy that always had your back, was always on your side. If he spotted an opportunity to help you out, he certainly would not miss it. I’d be telling him about some problem I had, and his eyes would narrow, you …


Wullie- My short ugly Scottish pal (his words not mine) I am going to miss seeing you around the hotel, especially our late night chats when you would prop yourself up against the reception desk with a glass of wine in hand. You truly were a favourite guest and your happiness, bluntness and sarcasm …

Tony Scott

Very sad to hear the news about Wullie. I worked with Wullie from 1999 to 2007 as part of the Barlows / SAP implementation team for the service dept. As has been said before I will always remember his smiling face ,nothing was ever to much trouble for him great guy to work with. …

Tom Bowen

Wullie was more than one of the good guys… he was one of the great guys! Dependent on the Football results over the weekend I would either dread or relish seeing Wullie in the office the following week. Wullie’s quick wit, infectious humour and positive outlook made him universally admired and hugely respected. My …

Longford house restaurant

Wullie was one of our restaurants favourite guests . I say guest but he was more of a friend to us .              We all loved Wullie , a gentleman was how we would describe him  .           A smile on his face when he …
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