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Sarah Flowers

Sarah Rogers

Sarah was an extraordinary individual who touched so many lives in a profound and positive way. Her untimely passing leaves a huge hole in the hearts of all those who were privileged to know and love her. We will miss her greatly.


We have opened this online book of condolence so that friends and colleagues can pay their respects, share their thoughts and commemorate her life.

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Christopher Bake

Sarah, you will be truly missed by all of us here at Vitol. Always willing to help, never outwardly flustered, positive , pragmatic. Aside from dealing with the next most pressing legal issue that we presented you with, in your patient, thoughtfully and diligent way, you always had a moment to spare a thought for …

Elena Ioannou

Manos Manolopoulos

Dear Sarah, You will be missed terribly by everyone who knew you. You were a bright light amongst us, shining positivity and unconditionally offered your help to anyone that needed it. In these difficult times my thoughts and prayers are with your family. I will greatly miss you. …

Elena Ioannou

Jean Seb Gerard

Some people are just made this way. Busy, yet approachable. Clever, yet modest. Efficient, yet good fun to be around! The vast outpourring of praises is just a sample of how people really appreciated working with you. Your parents, friends and family must be proud – and they should! RIP Sarah. …

Elena Ioannou

Valentine Douglas

Sarah you were truly one in a million. When you first walked into the London legal team with a look screaming east London I knew there was something special about you. I will miss your various hats and pictures of people wearing sandals on London transport in winter! I will also save my Sarah …

Elena Ioannou

Jane Pickford

Whilst I had not known Sarah for the longest time she made a huge impression on me when I joined Vitol.  I loved her energy and her quirky dress sense, we had many conversations about both claims and shoes!   Sarah was beautiful, incredibly talented, respected by everyone and it was a pleasure to be …

Elena Ioannou

Julie Moore

I couldn’t believe my luck when I was asked to be your secretary, I knew it was going to be fun, fun, fun and it was!  A day didn’t go by when we laughed about something, your honesty through humour was a talent, which you had in abundence in every walk of life – …

Elena Ioannou

Carole Mehigan

Dear Sarah I remember you as a trainee who flourished and developed into a wonderful associate during your time at Reed Smith. I am still finding it so surreal that I spoke to you two weeks before your passing and you sounded so full of life. You expressed how much you were enjoying working …

Elena Ioannou


Sarah, I will always be grateful for your friendship and support during my secondment and over the years since.  It is a real privilege to have known and worked with you and I will miss your quick wit, sense of style and our discussions about our latest creative projects! My thoughts are with your …

Elena Ioannou

Rob Abbott

Simply a really lovely person, always positive and happy to help with a smile, a laugh and a huge amount of human warmth. A joy to work and spend time with who will be sorely missed by all. Thoughts are with the family and friends left behind. …

Elena Ioannou

Russell Hardy

Sarah was an incredible individual.  She loved her job , and she thrived at doing the best for the company . As have many have mentioned one of her greatest attributes was being able to do that in an enthusiastic and positive way which provided an infectious goodwill to all around her.   Everything was …

Elena Ioannou

Robert zwart

  I have fond memories of Sarah,   At a Coal matrix Xmas party 4 years ago,her secret present to me was an adopted Donkey for 12 months.We kept joking on and off about it.Sarah was a lovely,friendly girl with a good sense of humor. I wish her family&friends all the strength and I …

Elena Ioannou


Dear Sarah,  Like most people I am still in shock, and it’s very hard to imagine the Vitol office without you in it … your quirky, smiley, friendly nature will always be remembered by everyone who had the pleasure of your company. You have left hole and will be thoroughly missed by all, rest …

Elena Ioannou

Tim Baker

Dear Sarah, I can still remember how you looked after me on my first Vitol Christmas party after only a few weeks with the company. You were so friendly and always so happy and kind. Your smile will be deeply missed every day. My thoughts with your family. With Love, Tim. …

Elena Ioannou


Sarah, words can’t do justice  to the injustice of the angels taking you so prematurely. I am fortune our paths crossed  as your  contagious optimism,  positivity and intelligence, that  shone so brightly, will resonate with us all. Look back so fondly on all our interactions be it  legal matters, joys of indo-boarding or any …

Elena Ioannou

Ido Fogel

Dear Sarah, it is horrible to hear about your loss, your professional approach and charming character will be missed. We thank you so much for everything you did, always finding a way to sort things and making business and agreements pleasant. All our thoughts and our deepest condolences to your close ones …

Elena Ioannou


My dearest Sarah, You were like a sip of cold champagne at the end of a very hot day by the sea. You were like a feeling I had at the age of 6 when cartoons were about to begin on the telly. Like a novel that would make you laugh and cry, and …

Elena Ioannou

Andrea Hughes

We have such wonderful memories of our time in Portugal and Mexico with you. You were a part of our family – we loved you as one of our own. Our thoughts and condolences are with your family and friends. Thank you for being a wonderful friend to James and Simon and for being …

Elena Ioannou


How do you know you have met an angel?    It is not only through their deeds and the desire and aspiration to inspire others, but also because the Lord above needs them to be with Him as much as you need them to be with you.    I will look for you in …

Elena Ioannou

Ahmed Znaidi

We will terribly miss you Sarah. My sincere and deepest condolences to the whole family. You were a ray of light, bright and talented, shining positivity to everyone surrounding you, always here to assist and support. All my thoughts are with you and your family. …

Elena Ioannou

Naz Tajbakhsh

Dear Sarah,  Thank you for the trust and the friendship (and the hours of fun drafting and redrafting and reredrafting agreements to perfection)! You will be greatly missed.  Naz   …


The Vitol Foundation team

Sarah felt strongly about social justice and was personally involved in a number of social initiatives, locally and globally. She was always interested in our work at the Vitol Foundation and regularly suggested organisations that we could support. We will miss her and remember her kindness, fellowship and vibrant spirit. From all at the …

Elena Ioannou

Sarah Jeffery

Quirky, talented, enthusiastic and full of fantastic one liners. You carried that rare combindation of being interesting and always interested and always brightened my day scurrying past is yet another fabulous outfit. You’ll be very much missed. x …

Elena Ioannou


Sarah, you were lost much too soon and all of us in Bahrain that took such pleasure from working with you over the years are left with shock and sadness.  Not many people manage to blend such positivity, good humor and humility into their professional roles but you managed it with ease.  Your approach …

Elena Ioannou

Manuel Arias

You are gone way too soon Sarah. It was a privilege to have met you. You were a star, super well predisposed, calm and joyful even in very stressful times. Deepest condolences to the parents, family and friends for this tragic loss, we will all miss you …

Elena Ioannou

laurent de valck

They are words we should never have to pronounce. It was so nice working with you.  I wish where you are now you can still travel a lot, go to concert, listen music, do water sport and ride your old mustang.  All my thought and support to your family and closest friends. We will …

Laurent De Valck

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