Sarah Rogers

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Dearest Sarah 

It is with a terribly heavy heart that I write this message. In fact for some weeks I have avoided it in the hope this would all turn out to be some bad dream, as soon as I heard this awful news, I called you in the hope it might be some terrible misunderstanding and that you’d answer.  
As you know we are on our big trip at the moment, I would have been telling you so much of it and keeping you updated with our photos. I would have told you how amazing the stars are here, last night I stared at them thinking of you.  I would have told you how the kids are faring and where we are heading to next.  You would have told me the latest developments in your life, about the progress on your apartment renovations or how good the surf was at the weekend. 
It’s really quite amazing that we only spent max two short months in the same country and yet we had such a strong friendship. It is a testament to what a beautiful person you are, your soft, fun, open nature allowed us to connect so quickly and with such ease.  I feel such sadness at losing you, I can’t imagine the loss felt by your parents, Jamie and Andrew or your closest friends, my heart goes out to them. 
I am glad that I had the opportunity to share so many happy memories with you, I can’t help reminiscing of the Negronis in Amsterdam or the bike rides in Rotterdam or Kush’s dentist chair at the Christmas dinner.
I want to flick back through our messages, relisten to the voice messages you often left me and feel close to you, but for now that’s just too painful.
I will never forget you my dear friend. 
Sending love and strength to your family and friends. 


Sophie Boutopoulos

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