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Rosie Gilbert was a phenomenal mother, granny, teacher, friend, runner, swimmer and general lovely person. She leaves a huge void in many people’s lives. Her sons Joseph, Dominic and Michael would love to know the memories of Rosie you have to share. Please feel free to comment as brief or as long as you wish, her immense love extended far and wide, which we are discovering more so since her passing. She was one who would remember every birthday, celebratory event and listened intently to every story you had, she cared and loved. As much as she battled MND in the last years of her life, she rebelled against her diagnosis in true determined style and remained as independent as possible until the very last moments. It is a comfort to all her family she fell into lasting sleep in her own home, in her own bed with the pictures of her three sons Joe, Dom and Mike, daughter-in-law’s Greta and Jess and adored grandson Leo close by. But prior to this, she led a social, active life and we would love to hear who Rosie was to you and any stories you have to tell of her.

Also, Rosie requested donations to the Motor Neurone Disease Association instead of flowers for her funeral, if you would like to contribute anything- please go the the below link.

Best wishes,

The Gilbert’s

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Stanley and Marie Copland

Rosie was a wonderful person. She always did whatever she thought would be for the benefit of her sons. She worked very hard giving private tuition as well as going to work at teh Notre Dame. She was a very good neighbour and would often take my Wife Marie and myself shopping of to …



Rosemarie was a wonderful person. She struggled hard and did whatever she thought was best for her Sons. …


Charlotte Simpson

After hearing of Rosie’s passing, the English team started recalling memories and photos we had of Rosie and it was and is so clear how loved she was by all. There were her trips to the English office where she would come out with the most amazing quip and leave us all in a brilliant …


Harriet Griffiths

I met Rosie as a colleague at Notre Dame: her calm approach to English teaching and her incredible earring collection were admired in near equal measure, and I always felt comforted if I managed to exchange even a few words with Rosie in the middle of a busy teaching day. A few years ago …


George and Sue Mills

Rosie was simply a good, good person.  She had a deep commitment to her vocation, and to the very many students, both at school and elsewhere, who had the good fortune to be taught by her.  She combined consummate professionalism with great kindness.  When she ushered students into her classroom she had a warm …


Sarann Dye

Our profession is one where it’s easy to get lost in your own stresses and challenges. There was one such time when I was a bit broken, and I will never forget Rosie seemingly to read my troubles intuitively. Not a single question. No prying. Nor ill-timed advice. She simply embraced me. In that …



I met Rosie when I did some gardening for her. she was an amazing lady who clearly loved her family. we would have many chats about swimming and education. what struck me is that she took everything in her stride. The last message I got from her was to tell me she needed to send …


Jill Lawson

I was fortunate enough to get to know Rosie well over the last 6 months when she came twice a week for physio. It turned out we had so much in common; both Scousers, both proud mothers to sons and both with a mutual love of the outdoors. Needless to say, we hit it …


Anna Hall

I’m so sorry to hear of Rosie’s death. In all the time I knew her, I don’t think I once heard her complain but she remained calm and positive even in the most difficult circumstances. She was an extremely kind and supportive friend and an inspirational colleague and teacher. I never quite knew how …


Stephen Bishop

I knew Rosie as a teacher – the finest. Teachers can disagree about what makes good teaching. English teachers can disagree even more so, and 90’s English teachers even more than that. However, knowing Rosie’s achievements across the decades, I can say that no other teacher has inspired such agreement and consistent awe from …


Hilary Bedder

I’m still finding Rosie’s death difficult to process.  Apart from enjoying her comradeship as a teacher, my discovery of her friendship over the last couple of years is something I will treasure.  Even in her own illness, she demonstrated so little self-pity.  She always looked outwards, was intensely interested in the wider world and …


Kelly Aldred

When I joined Notre Dame in 2003 I was in awe of Rosie and her phenomenal knowledge. She was always very much a consumate professional, never raising her voice and commanding a class of children like a orchestra conductor. My fondest memory of Rosie is her bright lipstick, and on days that she didn’t …


Phyllis O'Grady

I taught with Rosie during the 90s at Notre Dame where she was known for her absolute expertise particularly with teaching English language skills to younger students. Since my specialism was more with the older groups I was always eager for tips and ideas and she was always more than happy to advise and support. …


Betsy Fowler

It was real privilege to get to know Rosie properly over the last two years. I had worked at NDHS with Rosie in the 90s and she taught my daughter Claire. However it was when Rosie joined our English team meet ups that I really got to know her better.  Rosie was truly inspirational …


Jean Cullup

Rosie was always a dedicated and ferociously hard working teacher, who commanded respect in the classroom with the quietest of voices.  Her students remember her with affection and with a realisation of the value that she gave to them.  It was a privilege to work with her, but even more so, to have her …


Brian Conway

I would like to pay tribute to one of the most dedicated and lovely people I have met and consider myself so privileged to have been able to work with Rosie. She epitomised what it means to be a teacher. She was an inspirational teacher. It was a pleasure popping into her lessons or …


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