Rosie Gilbert

I knew Rosie as a teacher – the finest. Teachers can disagree about what makes good teaching. English teachers can disagree even more so, and 90’s English teachers even more than that.

However, knowing Rosie’s achievements across the decades, I can say that no other teacher has inspired such agreement and consistent awe from all her peers at her brilliance.  

Over the years, dozens of varied fellow English staff, and all of the (at times cartoonishly different-charactered) Heads of Department, and all of the Headteachers, stretching from the data era to a pre-technology, pre-Ofsted Sister Mary… all, without exception, knew in their hearts that Rosie had an innate quality that pre-existed and operated beyond these changes: if for some reason English teaching became a gladatorial competition, you’d put your money on Rosie every time, in any era. Rosie always taught her subject to her classes with expertise, with kindness, and excellently, and the students knew it. Students will never see her equal. May she rest in peace. My thoughts go to family and friends.

Stephen Bishop

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