In Loving Memory of


Jerry H.T. Liu

As many of you may already know, our beloved father, Jerry, left us all on August 7th, 2022.

He was 101 years old and we were so blessed to have had him with us for all these years. Jerry touched so many hearts all over the world during his long and remarkable life and we are creating this memory book for you all to share your memories, photos, videos or simply just to pay your respects.

We will forever love and miss him and this book will help us remember all the good times he had with each and every one of us.

Thank you for sharing.

Vicky Mabel Peggy Marinda




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Lydia Hsu

I have known Uncle Jerry since I was a child as there are photos of Vicky & Mabel at my birthday party in 1959!  Of all my father’s friends, I thought Uncle Jerry was the coolest guy because he owned a spiffy little sports car!  I was too young then to know that it was a Porsche, but I said to myself: one day I shall buy a car like Uncle Jerry’s!  I was even more impressed when Mabel told me a few years later that he drove his brand new Porsche in Europe with all his darling girls in the car! Since my parents and I moved to Vancouver in 1967, I saw Uncle Jerry whenever he visited our city.  A surprise call from him to my father in 1969 brought Vicky to spend the summer with us.  After Mabel moved to Vancouver, I have fond memories of dining with Uncle Jerry when he visited her and showing him around in Whistler.  The last time I saw him was at Ingrid’s wedding in Hong Kong. Dear Uncle Jerry,  I want to tell you that I finally got my dream Porsche in 2014 and I used to tell my …

Noah Norton

August 21, 2022   Hey Aunty Peggy,   My Dad and Uncle just let me know about the passing of Uncle Jerry…Gong Gong. The “Gong Gong” is instinctual to say, I don’t even know what it means, even though I really want to say Uncle Jerry it just feels incomplete without it. The world feels a bit emptier right now, obviously because Uncle Jerry was an incredible human/father/grandfather/remodel/friend and best friend to my grandpa, but selfishly I always found it comforting knowing he was still causing mischief somewhere as sort of an extension of my grandpa cause to me they were one and the same. My childhood memories are absolutely littered with incredible memories of your father. He was wonderful right form the moment he greeted you like a long lost friend right up until he gave you a heart felt goodbye, genuinely one of the most delightfully engaging people I’ve ever known, even willing to entertain an 8 year old boy with hours long conversations…that takes determination. I saw your father all over the world but I’ll never forget the weeks we spent together in Grand Haven, we once spent a whole afternoon putting up the river in …

Sabina Passucci

It’s such a difficult message to write because and I hope I can express properly the support I want to give your family at this trying time. He was very kind and fun, and I’ll remember forever the way you spoke about your father – with joy, respect and love. You told me a story about your childhood when he took you to a music concert, somehow it’s stuck in my head because it is a sweet memory, it made me realize what such a youthful spirit he had.  …

Georges Rayroux

Dear Vicky, Mabel, Peggy and Marinda Dear all members of the family I was meant to write something at an earlier stage but in the immediate aftermath of Jerry’s passing away I was a little bit speachless because Jerry was always meant to be around, like a rock in a stormy sea ! Now with a little bit of distance I realize what has happened ! Jerry was a beloved, honored person not only for me but also for my late wife Arlette and my son Nicolas ! We had met for the  first time in Meilen (Switzerland) where Peggy and her family was staying and where we were living ! Jerry smoking a cigar and having a little drop of whisky, enjoying being around a happy bunch of people chatting away was my first image engrained in my brain!! Usually the following morning he was up to go to play tennis !! Later we met very often: What always stood out was his love of life, his loyalty to family and friends, his pleasure of good food and wine..culinary things aside he was always full of advise, taking advise..listening but also giving his opinion..!! When meeting him …

Bernard Pouliot

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry    What a long and beautiful life you have lived! Everybody’s dream to make it to 100 years old healthy! That is beautiful…   I guess all of you smokers, despite health warnings, manage to fight the odds as you and Deng Xia Ping did!    So I hope the same happens to me from the moment you taught me how to smoke a cigar and appreciate it…particularly if it had been rolled on a thigh of a Cuban lady roller!   So do rest in peace! After all it has been a long winding road and you certainly deserve your rest.   See you in another life!   Bernard    …

Carisse and Alois Mueller

Hi Peggy, deepest condolences on your loss. Alois and I are saddened to hear of your beloved dad’s passing. I remember our trip to St Petersburg so long ago with your dad and diving into the hotel’s caviar bar. He was a lovely, generous, spontaneous man. May he rest in peace . …

Patty Miller

Dear Peggy, Philip, Joshua, Luca  Thinking of you at the sad passing of your precious Dad, Father-in-law and Grandfather. I have so many wonderful memories of times we all shared together, in many different places around the world. One of my favourite memories is on a Spanish beach, when Joshua and Luca were little boys.  Jerry had his two grandsons on his lap and was telling them stories from his childhood and what type of games he played. The boys were laughing so much and hugging their Grandfather. Such a moment of great happiness and much joy. Jerry made every moment special, he was always a gentleman, kind, thoughtful and had that twinkle in his eye with his great sense of humour. He will be greatly missed and he taught each of us, by his example, to live a full life and was a true inspiration in his love for his family and his loyalty to his friends.  My deepest condolences to all The Liu Family.                       …

Peter Sit

I felt so sad on learning the passing of Mr. Liu. He had a great life; many people including my late father , looked up to him as their learder and patron in life.  Mr. Liu lent my father $20,000 in 1962 to buy a house at Ma Tung Chung Road. I still keep the unit for the sake of memory despite it is fully furnished but unoccupied. The flat had nutured the family, including three of us, the siblings, given us stability with which we flourished. Deeds like that had  profound and meaningful implications. Only when people like Mr. Liu have acted so generously, there will be prosperity and achievements in the generation to come. I must remember that while also remember Mr. Liu *Peter Sit   * message extracted from email sent by Peter Sit to Norman and Julian     …