Jerry H.T. Liu

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I have known Uncle Jerry since I was a child as there are photos of Vicky & Mabel at my birthday party in 1959!  Of all my father’s friends, I thought Uncle Jerry was the coolest guy because he owned a spiffy little sports car!  I was too young then to know that it was a Porsche, but I said to myself: one day I shall buy a car like Uncle Jerry’s!  I was even more impressed when Mabel told me a few years later that he drove his brand new Porsche in Europe with all his darling girls in the car!

Since my parents and I moved to Vancouver in 1967, I saw Uncle Jerry whenever he visited our city.  A surprise call from him to my father in 1969 brought Vicky to spend the summer with us.  After Mabel moved to Vancouver, I have fond memories of dining with Uncle Jerry when he visited her and showing him around in Whistler.  The last time I saw him was at Ingrid’s wedding in Hong Kong.

Dear Uncle Jerry,  I want to tell you that I finally got my dream Porsche in 2014 and I used to tell my friends that there was this uncle in Hong Kong who have owned many Porsches … it was he who inspired me to have one!  May you rest in love and peace.

Dear Vicky, Mabel, Peggy & Marinda, Here’s a photo of your handsome dad at age 42 sitting across the table from my beautiful mom at a social function 9.27.1964. 

Lydia Hsu

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